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Lindsay Lohan is Opening a Nightclub 2016-10-14 14-07-49

After wading into Turkish politics this week and visiting Syrian refugees, Lindsay Lohan is heading back to her natural habitat — a nightclub.

The supposed ex alcoholic will open a club in Athens, Greece, with her rumored boyfriend, restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou, on Saturday. I guess it worked for Sam Malone.  Page6 says Papageorgiou has even given a large percentage of ownership rights to the struggling actress and aptly named the place “Lohan.”

“Lindsay and Dennis are getting ready to welcome the Athenian enfant gâté, as well as Lindsay’s Hollywood circle, at their new nightclub in downtown Athens,” a rep for the establishment told us.

The rep said they’re expecting “famous guests from Hollywood” at the opening, although it was unclear exactly which ones. Tara Reed?