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Stephen Collins can’t get work now that the world knows he’s a child molester

stephen collins

Sure, Stephen Collins has a penchant for molesting young girls and lamenting his inability to rape his own child, but other than that, he’s a totally decent guy! So why is it that he can’t get work in Hollywood now JUST because he’s a depraved and sick individual?!

Stephen Collins says he’s now unemployable after audio of him confessing to child molestation surfaced.

Collins’ lawyer filed new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which he says the divorce trial between the actor and Faye Grant just got a whole lot easier, because there won’t be a fight over future income.

Collins’ lawyer says, “Faye’s decision to parade that recording … has resulted in Stephen having no income other than investment income and pension income.”

His lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, adds, “Stephen suffers greatly from the pillaring (sic) by the media surrounding Faye’s unlawful recording.

Newsflash, dipshit – it was completely legal in the state of California considering you committed multiple felonies and need to be prosecuted for it. Second of all, I love that he has the nerve to complain about no one hiring him because HE GOT CAUGHT BEING A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING. What is wrong with the world?

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