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Stephen Collins is an “overall good guy”, says ‘7th Heaven’ co-star

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Stephen Collins may have molested and exposed himself to several underage girls and fantasized about having sex with his own child in his time, but he’s an “overall good guy”… this according to his former 7th Heaven co-star Kyle Searles. If you have no idea who in the hell that is, you’re not alone – apparently he played a character called Mac for three years, so go figure.

Former 7th Heaven cast member Kyle Searles told PEOPLE that Collins, 67, was an “overall good guy” and not an “overly private person who would lead you to believe he was capable of such things that came out recently.”

Searles, who played Mac from 2004 to 2007 on the WB drama that starred Collins as a minister and married father of seven children, said he felt compelled to speak on the actor’s behalf because “it’s important for everybody to know the type of person he was prior to anything coming out.”

I’m sorry, but WHY is it important, exactly? So if, say, someone goes out and brutally murders someone, but they’re totally nice and pleasant when you meet them a few years later, does that mean they weren’t guilty and in need of prosecution? Give me a break, loser.

Stephen Collins – and anyone else who exposes himself and/or otherwise becomes sexually involved with a child is not an “overall good” person. They’re disgusting, sick, perverse… nowhere on that list will you find a positive adjective. What planet is Kyle Searles living on? Hopefully he’s getting some acting roles there, because he sure isn’t on this one.

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  • This all scares me very much. I am 110% against abuse of any kind especially against a child (check out for how you can help stop injustices like this). That said, this man was in therapy with his wife. It should be a sacred place not a scared place. What should have happened is that the therapist should not have allowed the recording in the first place–no, I do not know how–but maybe by advocating against it in court or disallowing anyone to bring large bags in. Then the THERAPIST should have contacted the police and gotten the ball against this man and his crimes going. Therapists are required by law to report certain crimes–why not this? All of this should have come from the therapist and not the ex–heck, if she still loved him would this even be a thing? Mental health is a HUGE deal and now we are making the process even harder. Hey, you wanna do marriage counseling? Great, but be prepared your ex can tape you and use it against you in court? Am I the only one who thinks this way? (and yes, he needs to be punished–let me make that clear)