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Nick Jonas is joining the Chippendales

nick jonas

I mean, not officially or anything, but I’m assuming this is the next logical step for Nick Jonas, who is really working it for the gay fans (because I don’t assume any women are looking at and enjoying this) lately by stripping down at every available opportunity. He’s showing his asscrack, grabbing his dick and basically being a nice piece of eye candy for Adam and Steve, if you get my drift. No shade there, but let’s just be honest.

This latest spread is for Details – we’ve got no quotes or anything on the article, but I suppose nothing he has to say is going to be more interesting than the pictures, anyway, so it’s whatever. Enjoy!

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  • It’s funny how everyone’s kind of surprised, but reacting positively like “wow good for him, breaking out of his disney shell” etc
    when miley started doing this kind of shit it was all
    “OMG what a scandalous little hussy! so slutty, so nasty, so out of control!”
    Love how when a female does something like this everyone sneers at how desperate she is to be sexy and relevant.

    • I’m sneering at how desperate he is to be sexy and relevant. This whole Playgirl-type image is seriously gross. Ugh.

  • I would say taking your shirt off is a far cry from having a threeway with Beetlejuice and a giant teddy bear at the VMAs, but then it’s just a matter of degrees. There is a double standard for sure, I would just like this extremely young man to put his clothes back on. Pleez