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Snooki Warns JWoww About Pregnancy — And Poop


Snooki just wrote a book full of the supergross details people don’t tell you about being pregnant, like about pooping and farting and leaking milk. Real James Joyce kind of stuff, actually. But it’s not enough for her to keep it to her book. Once she heard pal JWoww was pregnant, she decided to share the great, heartwarming pregnancy moments her friend can expect. By which I mean, pooping during delivery. A screencap of a text Snookie sent JWoww, via TMZ:


OKAY, HONESTY TIME: who here pooped on their doctor/nurse during delivery? Tell us. You can be anon. I’ve heard this happens, and more frequently than one would like to think.


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  • I’ve heard about this many times. But I was in the delivery room with my best friend when she had her baby and no poop happened then.

  • It happened to a friend of mine. She actually even said to her doc that she had to go but he said that she has contractions and she can’t tell the difference anymore. She disagreed but he wouldn’t let her go.
    And then she pooped in the middle of delivery.
    This happens very often and it’s pretty common to give enemas before birth. (at least in my country)

  • my sister in law just had a baby a few weeks ago. she pooped all over the doctor and her husband threw up everywhere from the smell.. hahahahahaha

  • well, i haven’t had any kids (thank you baby jesus)…but my best friend pooped on the doctors shoe when she was “pushing”.

  • It’s a natural thing that happens, but I made my nurses promise not to tell me if I did. I ended up with a c-section, so it turned out to be a non-issue.

    I do have a friend though, who was super freaked out about pooping on the doctor. The doctor comes blazing in wearing deck shoes, athletic shorts and a big Rolex. She’s saying, “I don’t want to poop on you! I dot want to poop on you!!” And the doctor is saying, “Push! Shit on me!!!” Lol
    I can only imagine the scene.

  • Not all do it, but it Can happen. But mostly the doc or midtwife Will take it away before anyone see it. And u can get this gel up ur bum before 15 min and get all out before the baby comes. And that u have to do if u Want to give birth in water……

    Sorry fore the spelling, my pad has a mind of its own. ;-)

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