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Who’s the Most Charitable Celebrity?

taylor swift

Plenty of celebrities are generous when it comes to money donated to charity – some more than others, of course – but just who gave the most in 2013? The answer might surprise you, actually. compiled a list of the top givers this year (via The Hollywood Reporter), and who should top the list but Taylor Swift? Right behind her is One Direction, as well. Huh, who’da thunk it?

Here’s the full list of celeb givers. It’s not clear just how much each of them gave, but Taylor donated $100,000 JUST to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, so it’s fair to say she probably gave close to a million, if not more, given the amount of campaigns she’s been involved in. Of course, celebrities SHOULD give back. They have more money than they know what to do with, so why not give to those less fortunate?

1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Beyoncé
4. Paul Walker
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
6. Sandra Bullock
7. Kerry Washington
8. Ian Somerhalder
9. Ryan Seacrest
10. Carrie Underwood
11. Jennifer Lawrence
12. Alicia Keys
13. Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul
14. Miley Cyrus
15. Demi Lovato
16. Blake Shelton
17. Mindy Kaling
18. Kevin Durant
19. Kendrick Lamar
20. Justin Bieber

Are you surprised by anyone on this list? I sorta am by Kendrick Lamar, who I love but admittedly don’t know much about other than his music. Good to see Macklemore doing his thing on that list, as well. Oh, and LOL to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul being one entry.

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  • Interesting list and nice to see some kindness. : ) Remember however that these are folks who have these donations etc. published. There are plenty of people who don’t. Take Jay Leno for example who (with his wife) donates over half of his earnings to charity and raises money through auctions of his cars. Colin Farrell has actually outfitted homeless people on the street.

    • “There are plenty of people who don’t” … yet you know who they are and what they do donate??

      Paul Walker is a name that is a little surprising? Is this a regular thing with him or something his family has done in his honour?

  • They didn’t include which charities though. I would like to know what they gave there money to and how much went into giving back more than they gave. Some charities aren’t so charitable with their money.

  • I think its great there are stars who give. I don’t mean to be a hater or think the worst of everyone but I have seen and heard of a lot of charities that don’t give the money to who it is supposed to go to.

  • To say someone should give back just because they have more money “than they know what to do with”, is actually something I don’t like to hear. Who says just because they have so much money, they have to give it to people that need it? They worked for that money, they don’t have to give it away if they don’t want to. They are simply doing it out of the goodness of their own heart.

  • I commend folk for sharing their good fortune – anyone that can afford to do so, should, instead of being frivolous with their potential to help others.
    But I’d rather see people pay their full taxes and not take avoidance measures – nobody compliments folk on their civic duty to pay tax instead of finding means of avoidance via accountancy loopholes.