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Kanye Got Kim The Ugliest Christmas Present Ever


Kim Kardashian’s baby may have had the best Christmas ever, but Kanye wasn’t going to let his lovely fiance Kim go without. So he got her what is quite possibly the ugliest gift ever. EVER. Of course he thinks it’s fabulous.

He commissioned artist George Condo, who did the cover art for Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, to paint naked people on an Hermes Birkin bag. Here’s what that looks like (from Kim’s Instagram):


Here are some choice comments fans left:

  • “LMAOOO”
  • “That cannot be a genuine present surely”
  • “What a piece of shit kanye thinks anything he gives or does is art?? Kim is an idiot too she thinks everything he does is amazing two people so ignorant shouldn’t be so rich and influence people”
  • “Wtf”
  • “Way to destroy a beautiful bag. I would have been totally jealous, but not with this crap painted all over it!”

What do you guys think of Kanye’s gift?


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  • MichaelK said that the one on the far left is Kris Jenner. I, personally, could never carry a handbag, or anything for that matter, with titties on it.

    • And I’ve officially done too much thinking about Kim today, but I don’t understand dating a “personality” and actually calling them by their stage name or whatever it is. She tweeted that it was her present from “Yeesus” – that is so strange to me.

      • Oh gawd….don’t get me started on conspiracy theories. Kanye = Jesus. JayZ = Jehova. Miley = Kali. Madonna = Ishtar. They invoke these energies. I wonder who Kim would be………

      • He probably orders her to use his official title in any and all public mentions. Gotta keep the brand front and center!

        Random creepy thought – does she have to call him Yeesus during sexy times too?

  • It looks to be what “I would think” (and I never have) would be a Kardashian family Christmas morning

  • That ‘artwork’ looks like Picasso.

    If Picasso were a 5-year old left alone with fingerpaints and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

    *lol* I guess neither Yeezy or KK are familiar with the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    • That bag is far too big for her to carry. She looks like a 3 year old with Mommy’s carry on luggage in her hand. That bag is going to mess up her back.

  • i think it’s kind of a self portrait. the green faced guy is obviously kanye and the other 3 women are Khloe, Kim and Kourtney.

  • WELL not my taste but obviously Kim loves it OR loves him enough to act like she loves it..what is ugly to some is beautiful to all in the eyes of the beholder…

  • I don’t think she bright enough to realizes that he is mocking her whole family with this stupid painted bag. He probably even handed it to her and said Merry Christmas Dumbass !!