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Time To Feel Bad About Yourself: Here’s What Kim And Kanye’s Baby Got For Xmas

North West, Kim and Kanye‘s baby, is spoiled, and I think that’s fair to say. She may not be getting her brows waxed (yet) but she is getting lots of stuff, like “art lessons” from legendary artist Jeff Koons and free shit from fashion week in Paris (despite not being there or being old enough to attend shows) and $7,500 worth of gifts from Jay and Bey just for being born.

Time to feel bad about yourself and come see what she’s getting for Christmas! Hint: more free designer shit!

From Hermes:

"Thank you Michael Coste and Hermes Paris for the sweet gift for North! @mcoste75 @hermes"

“Thank you Michael Coste and Hermes Paris for the sweet gift for North! @mcoste75 @hermes”

From Charlotte Olympia:

"Thank you Charlotte for the cutest kitty shoes for North! Xo @charlotteolympiaworld."

“Thank you Charlotte for the cutest kitty shoes for North! Xo @charlotteolympiaworld.”

From Stella McCartney:

"Thank you so much Stella for these adorable clothes for Nori! @stellamccartney xoxo"

“Thank you so much Stella for these adorable clothes for Nori! @stellamccartney xoxo”

From Giuseppe:

"Thank you so much Giuseppe for the amazing shoes you made for North! WE LOVE YOU @giuseppezanottiworld."

“Thank you so much Giuseppe for the amazing shoes you made for North! WE LOVE YOU @giuseppezanottiworld.”


Kim posted ALL OF THESE on her Instagram. Now obviously, it’s not the baby’s fault she’s getting free shit, but I think it’s tacky as HELL of Kim to post all of this. BITCH DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MANY AMERICANS CANNOT AFFORD THE “AFFORDABLE” CARE ACT? DO YOU NOT GET HOW SOME AMERICANS ARE REALLY STRUGGLING THIS CHRISTMAS JUST TO BUY ONE F-CKING GIFT FOR THEIR KID?

Sorry, everyone. Didn’t realize my jimmies were so rustled.

In conclusion, f-ck Kim Kardashian.

Merry Christmas,


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  • Sorry but that first sentence is really bothering me: you’ve incorrectly used parenthetical commas and there’s a sentence fragment. My punctuation and grammar isn’t perfect but then I don’t write for a living.

  • I don’t often agree with what you write Catherine but I am behind you 100% on this post. Kimye are so far removed from reality that it’s starting to cross the line from “train wreck” amusing to downright sickening. I would LOVE to bitch slap this twit into oblivion. I know that’s not very charitable of me, especially on Christmas day, but I can’t help how I feel. My heart is shattered by all of the stories of people who can’t find work, “affordable” health care (what a joke), put food on the table, etc. I literally broke down in tears yesterday at the overwhelming dilemma of it all and the realization that I can’t do more than I already do to help more people in their time of need. If I had the money these imbeciles do, I would send these gifts to needy children so fast you wouldn’t see them pass through the door. In addition to as much money as I could give to all who need it. Why do these people even deserve the riches they have when they have nothing in their hearts for anyone else? Yes, I know that what they have earned is theirs to do with as they please and I do NOT support the enforced “redistribute the wealth” agenda of our pitiful excuse of a president. But what rankles me is the flaunting of their wealth when so many people are hurting so bad. Couldn’t they just accept the gifts and keep their big fat mouths shut about it? Especially at Christmas? Sorry for the rant, I’m just so fed up with these people I can’t stand it.

    • Lol, you literally cried about it? Sure, I feel bad and all.. But I can’t imagine tears streaming down my face because people can’t afford shit.. Either you are super sensitive or I am super insensitive, but I have a feeling the former is true. That’s life.. What can you do? Become a social worker or start some foundation if you literally cry for the less fortunate, seems like a good line or wor of you.

      • You don’t have to be a condescending cunt about it. I would actually say the latter is true: you are super insensitive.

      • Jawbreaker, it is possible to be empathetic and sensitive to the suffering of others without being “super” sensitive. Not that it’s any of your business, but I happened to watching a special at the time I got emotional. It was very sad and yes, I did shed a tear. Better that than some judgmental shit like you threw my way. Especially since you don’t know me or anything about me. Your comment says all I need to know about you.

        And to Tor: thank you! You hit the nail right on the head, I do believe.

      • I’m with jawbreaker on this one. Someone is being a little overly dramatic. I am a server and on the lower end of the income scale and know if I cut back on happy hour and pot, I can manage some insurance. I’m not on any welfare programs, my job is slow but it’s not as bad as the right wing wants me to believe and the president isn’t ruining my life any worse than his predecessor.

  • Oh SCI if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem. I would NEVER know about these stupid asshole designers and the gifts to these asshole ppl’s kid if you didn’t post the pics and story. If these arrogant assholes want to tell the world on their insta gram account so be it I don’t follow them but you are better than this a simple pawn for these ppl PR machine.

  • I’m not jealous. Who cares? I think it’s interesting to see what Nori got. But I don’t have that Christmas head trip nor that trip about what a crime it is for rich folks to buy things when I can’t going on in my head. I’m thankful to be drama free on this stupid holiday where everyone acts like a spoiled child and becomes all entitled and depressed if someone has more than they do. LOL.

  • The Charlotte Olympia card is dated October… So how old are any of these pictures? Who cares? It just flagrant to post things like that. Send a nice handwritten thank you, like the little notes the gifts came with. I just can’t with these people.

  • this makes me want to sign up for twitter just to leave Kimye a comment like that! yes, people are struggling BIG TIME and you post that crap??? F YOU!

  • Well, I’m not jealous for the same reason that I;’m not jealous of Jay-Z & Beyonce. All my babies were not only healthy, but downright gorgeous. In fact, one of them was asked to take test shots for Elite. This will never happen to Blue Ivy and North West unless they get bought lots of plastic surgery. Silk purses and sows ears…..P.S. My beautiful kids don’t look a thing like me and neither do the grandkids…..A Xmas miracle!

  • The real fun is the ugly Birkin bag that Kanye bought Kim with the shapeshifting reptile and multi-faced nude ladies painted on it. NOT JEALOUS. I’m surprised they’re not drinking blood in the nude “art”.

  • Nothing any celeb does or has effects y life one bit. The parents of these kids are so full of shit it makes me laugh cos the kids will be fucked up big time.

  • who gives a “rats butt” what Kim & Kanyes’ kid got for Christmas. Two of the most untalented people flaunting theirs while millions of others have nothing new. They should buy something for others that don’t have anything and then maybe they will have something to really flaunt.

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