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Michael Jackson’s Diary Secrets Revealed


Michael Jackson‘s diary is being used as evidence in court, evidence of Jackson wanting to continue a career and a desire to earn money. And what do these particular diary secrets reveal? Michael Jackson wanted to be some sort of film superstar. From Huffington Post:

According to the New York Post, the “Thriller” singer unveiled his deepest desire in his secret diary, writing: “If I don’t concentrate (on) film, no immortalization.” The King of Pop wanted to emulate his entertainment heroes, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, and be “in the likes of Chaplin Michelangelo Disney. These men Demanded Perfection Innovation always. [sic]”

Huh. Weird how there was nothing in there about wanting to do a song with Timbaland after death.

And yes, Michael Jackson’s manslaughter trial seemingly has no end. They should Captain E.O. this shit for prosperity.


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