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Julie Chen Discusses Backlash Against Her Plastic Surgery Confession

julie chen plastic surgery

Julie Chen just confessed to a big secret. When she was twenty-five she got plastic surgery to widen her eyes, after feeling pressure from her boss to change her appearance who said that her “Asian eyes” made her look “disinterested and bored”. And now she’s discussing the backlash…

…of which there was hardly any. Haha got you. From Us Weekly, via E Online:

I felt vulnerable and nervous that the haters who hide behind their computers on the Internet would come out and say mean things. And some did. That was expected.

I was pleasantly surprised by all the supportive emails, tweets, and postings from our show’s viewers who are not Asian, but told me they understood my story,” the 43-year-old Chinese-American added. “To them I say, thank you.”

I always feel awkward whenever people say “haters” outside of the Internet. Ms. Chen goes on to say that was, “overwhelmed with love and relief when [my mom] sent me an email right after it aired, saying she and my father could not be more proud of me.”

I’m guessing though her parents had to have noticed at some point and that this wasn’t a huge secret to them.

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