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People Still Want to Make Money Off of Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson has been dead for a few years now, but that won’t stop money hungry companies from trying to make money off him. In fact, he’s coming out with a new album, according to Timbaland! In a YouTube video, Timbaland revealed that he was using Jackson’s vocals on a new track called ‘Chicago’ and described the song as “two kings working together”. He later set the video to private, of course (LOL). Newsflash to Timbaland: You make good beats, but you are far from Michael Jackson’s level, let’s get that straight.

Here’s more from Idolator:

Timbaland unveiled a new Michael Jackson project in a cryptic YouTube video this afternoon (August 27). The 39 second video appears to be a heavily edited preview of a longer interview but it’s possible to glean some interesting information. For starters, the super-producer not-so-humbly describes the endeavor as “two kings working together”.

He also reveals that the first single will be a song called “Chicago”. It’s unclear if he’s referring to a completely new track or an old demo but it’s exciting to know that new music from MJ is on the horizon. In the clip, Timbaland says “we spoke on the phone” — perhaps a reference to a planned collab while Michael was still alive? Watch up top.

Huh. I guess Michael Jackson fans would be interested in hearing new stuff from their idol, but if it’s a Timbaland remix, it hardly counts as unreleased material. Poor Michael is probably rolling in his grave. Between this and Bieber wanting to buy his Neverland ranch, he can’t get any peace even in the afterlife.