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Ugh Katy Perry, Gag Me

katy perry on gold prism bus

GAG ME WITH A SPOON, YOU GUYS! Oh how have I been wanting to use that phrase for such a long time now. Katy Perry, I really do adore you, but man what an obnoxious tweet you unleashed upon us today.

Two things you need to know you understand this tweet.

1. Katy Perry is dating John Mayer.

2. Katy Perry has a gigantic gold bus driving around the country to promote her upcoming Prism album.

She tweeted this,

Look who got a BF!!! Soy Qewt!

With this photo:

katy perry prism bus john mayer bus twitter photo

Yes, that’s John Mayer‘s bus below hers. You guys, their buses are dating!!! Soy qewt!!

Anyway I’m just cranky today because it’s Yom Kippur and I’m fasting. If you are too, Godspeed.


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  • Urgh I was in the worst mood this morning sitting at the service, but we just broke the fast with a SEVEN COURSE DINNER so I’m all happy now :)