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Check Out A Preview Of Katy Perry’s Upcoming Album

katy perry prism album cover

Katy Perry‘s upcoming album, Prism, is roaring its way here. I made an awful pun and I’m sorry. Before it drops in October, Capitol Records and Ms. Perry hosted a listening party for journalists and industry executives. Just to give them a little peek. Though we nobodies can’t hear it, we can read what USA Today had to say about each track. From USA:

Legendary Lovers. “It’s got a little bit of curry in it,” Perry says of the tune’s Indian strains. The lyrics are among Prism’s most poetic:

Take me down to the river, underneath the blood-orange sun
Say my name like a scripture, keep my heart beating like a drum

Birthday. Produced by her “dream team” Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the upbeat Prince-like pop-funk workout is a nod to Wendy and Lisa, Perry says.

Key lyric: So let me get you in your birthday suit; it’s time to bring out the big balloons

Referring to the latter line, Perry said, “I was so ashamed of myself. It wouldn’t be a Katy Perry record without one innuendo or two.” [I WANNA SEE YOUR PEA-COCK-COCK-COCK YOUR PEA-COCK COCK.]

Walking On Air. Club diva CeCe Peniston was an inspiration for this dance blast, which Perry predicts will have ponytails whipping wildly. Produced by Robyn regular Klas Ahlund.

Unconditionally. The soaring power ballad is Katy’s favorite tune on the album.

Dark Horse. This urban thumper, the second of three tracks to precede Prism’s release, goes to radio Tuesday. Juicy J guests.

This Is How We Do. Max Martin and Klas Ahlund produced this buoyant pop blast with hip-hop underpinnings and the recurring refrain, “It’s no big deal!”

International Smile. Friend and DJ Mia Moretti was the muse for this tune about smiling your way through language barriers.

Ghost. Powerful, dark and haunting.

Love Me. Produced by Bloodshy, the wiz behind Britney Spears‘ Toxic, the self-empowerment anthem is irresistibly catchy and energetic.

This Moment. After soaking up the audio book The Power of Now, Perry wrote about its message of living in the present, but added a romantic spin.

Double Rainbow. A massive ballad with collaborators Sia and Greg Kurstin.

By The Grace of God. The last song on the album is the first song Perry tackled last November. It’s dramatic and wrenching, a powerful, confessional tune about recovering from a failed romance. She sings about picking herself up from the bathroom floor: “I decided to stay, wasn’t going to let love take me out that way.”

What do you guys think? I’m a little worried about all the hip-hop influences — not sure how that’s gonna work out — but I’m excited to give it all a listen.

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