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Katy Perry’s album artwork is here!

katy perry

Y’all know I stan for Katy Perry (well, insofar as that I really like her – that’s sort of the beginning and end of my stanning), so I was excited to see the artwork for her upcoming album, Prism, which is out next month. She first unveiled it on Good Morning America, apparently, but I was actually grocery shopping while that was happening (hey, I gotta get out while I can) so I missed it. Luckily, she put it on Twitter not long after. Ta-da!

I… like it. It’s very her, isn’t it? Dreamy, sorta hazy and summery and pop-y, etc. I mean, it also has that quality of towing the line between ~artsy~ and whimsical and damn cheap, but it was shot by Ryan McGinley, so I suppose that’s okay. Can’t wait for this album, either way!

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  • It’s better than Miley Cyrus Bangerz cover but still underwhelming. She looks really pretty on it though. But the flowers left and right look cheap and that stupid instagram-filter-look is…well, stupid.
    And the triangle-shaped prism-writign was much cooler than this, it looked so totally 80s-metal-band-logo-like.

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