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Katy Perry Survives A Plane Crash In Her “Roar” Music Video

katy perry roar video still screen shot

Katy Perry survives a plane crash…and a tiger attack, and an angry crocodile, and eager tarantulas in her “Roar” music video. It’s pretty close to what the poster advertised (still think mine was better). Don’t worry, there are a lot of tigers in this. Ms. Perry sings, “I got the eye of the tiger” and she’s sure to include lots of tiger imagery for those who are lost.

She also is bathed by an elephant. No, you do not see her boobs. But she’s wearing a push-up cheetah print crop top thing so you get your fair share.

Since everyone’s pitting Gaga and Perry against each other, which video do you prefer — Katy Perry’s “Roar” or Lady Gaga’s “Applause”?

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  • OK I watched “the other one” and I highly prefer Lady Gaga’s vid. I know it’s basically got the kitchen sink rolled in but it seems less goofy Hollywood cartoon saturday morning squad, which I just don’t like. So, add one vote to Gaga.

  • Both videos are so different, I don’t think you can really compare. They’re both in a league of their own.

    Katy Perry has the kitsch angle down pat. She can really pull that off.

    And Lady Gaga is avant-guarde in her direction.

    Like comparing apples and oranges.

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