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2Katy Perry Released Vintage-Looking Jungle Themed Poster For Music Video Roar

katy perry roar poster

Katy Perry released a poster to get us excited for her upcoming music video for her smash hit, “Roar.” Ms. Perry already released a “lyric” video for the song (and I hate that these are a thing now) so this video will be a regular ole music video. This poster has it all. It’s got the look of old pulp novels and B-movies. It’s got Katy in a Tarzan-inspired outfit. It’s got some stranger Indiana Jones-looking bitch in the distance. It’s solid.

As the poster says, her video is coming September 5. I like how music videos have managed to become events despite the bastardization of MTV.

I still think she should have gone with my poster:

KATY PERRY fake roar poster video

I mean it’s perfect. It’s easy to read, the different fonts are edgy, the colors are not jarring, and it looks JUST like Katy. Not sure why she didn’t want it. I kept pitching it to her on Twitter. Whatever, Katy.

August 31, 2013 at 4:00 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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2 Responses to “Katy Perry Released Vintage-Looking Jungle Themed Poster For Music Video Roar”

  1. Ms. St. Ives, your recent two most posts were very funny! Well done! Well done (this one and the Beiber one).

    Keep ‘em coming!

  2. Awest1789 says:

    I love you Catherine St. Ives : ) Your posts always make me laugh.

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