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Katy Perry Released Vintage-Looking Jungle Themed Poster For Music Video Roar

katy perry roar poster

Katy Perry released a poster to get us excited for her upcoming music video for her smash hit, “Roar.” Ms. Perry already released a “lyric” video for the song (and I hate that these are a thing now) so this video will be a regular ole music video. This poster has it all. It’s got the look of old pulp novels and B-movies. It’s got Katy in a Tarzan-inspired outfit. It’s got some stranger Indiana Jones-looking bitch in the distance. It’s solid.

As the poster says, her video is coming September 5. I like how music videos have managed to become events despite the bastardization of MTV.

I still think she should have gone with my poster:

KATY PERRY fake roar poster video

I mean it’s perfect. It’s easy to read, the different fonts are edgy, the colors are not jarring, and it looks JUST like Katy. Not sure why she didn’t want it. I kept pitching it to her on Twitter. Whatever, Katy.

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