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Conrad Murray Is Probably Getting Out of Prison Soon

conrad murray

“Dr.” Conrad Murray has been in prison for nearly two years after being found guilty of manslaughter over the death of Michael Jackson, but it’s looking like his time behind bars may be coming to an end and he’ll be released in October, about halfway through his four-year sentence.

The early release is apparently a reward for Murray’s “good behaviour” and also the overcrowding of California jails. That’s right – let’s let a bro convicted of manslaughter out of jail before we let the low-level “drug” criminals (read: marijuana) go. Really love the criminal justice system there. Let’s not forget that he’s not only had solitary confinement this whole time (which might seem like a punishment but has actually spared him the ass raping he surely would have had otherwise) and has had a TV and mobile phone. So really, it’s been a paid vacation that he gets to leave whenever he feels like it. Lesson learned, I’m sure.

Here’s more  about Murray’s release, according to The Mirror:

Insiders revealed the family felt the medic “should serve his time for the crime”.

Katherine Jackson said: “It is not right I will never be able to see my son again, while his mother can see him.”

Murray has been in solitary confinement – but with a TV and a mobile phone in his cell – since he was jailed in November 2011.

Last night a source close to the doctor said: “He has been a model inmate and the authorities have granted him an early release due to that good behaviour and the overcrowded California jail system.”

Well, that’s just wonderful. Ain’t life wonderful and super fair?

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  • Michael Jackson died long before this doctor got his hands on him. Look to the family and his upbringing