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Quotables: Conrad Murray Speaks Out About Michael Jackson’s Final Days

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“He really could not sleep. Have you ever seen the Thriller image when he was made up? He looked that hysterical. … I think in many ways, there were some mirror images in our lives. I’ve seen him cry so many times. He lived a life greater than a hundred years of pain of any human.”

That’s … horrible. I mean, we all know that Jackson had these myriad issues with abuse as a child and substance abuse later on in life, but why the whole “not sleeping” thing? Were his traumas scarringly bad enough that he couldn’t even escape them in shutting down for the evening? Was it due to medication withdrawal? Was it, as a lot of people say, an inability to “shut down” his creativity? Was this how he wanted it to end after all?

All I know is that Conrad Murray is releasing a documentary this Friday, one that was filmed in the days after Jackson’s death in 2009, discussing all sorts of issues that had been in place which resulted in Jackson’s untimely death. In the special, 8Murray will be divulging information about the late performer’s special lifelong friendship with Murray himself. I don’t know about you guys, but he has got my attention. This could be fascinating. Will you be tuning in to MSNBC on Friday?

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