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Conrad Murray Found Guilty of Manslaughter

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From People:

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted Monday of involuntary manslaughter in the June 25, 2009, death of Michael Jackson.

A bewildered-looking Murray was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom. He was held without bail pending sentencing.

“This is a crime where the end result was the death of a human being,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. “That factor demonstrates rather dramatically that the public should be protected.”

Earlier, Murray showed no emotion as the clerk read the verdict, which was reached after 10 hours of deliberation.

As the verdict was read in the courtroom, Jackson’s sister La Toya said, “Yes!” His mother Katherine dabbed tears with a tissue. Other Jackson family members and fans shouted in joy.

How are you guys feeling about this? Does it give the family closure, or does it really just not change anything at all?

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  • I think it’s easier to blame a stranger (and let’s face it, he is guilty) than your dead loved one (who is just as responsible, if not more so). I don’t think it’s closure so much as the ability to hold someone else at fault.

    • It´s not blaming a stranger, it’s that this Doctor must be responsible for his acts. Acts that should be based in an ethic that he doesn’t show at all. It’s all about justice.

  • A patient may ask something of you as a physician (to do something, to provide a medication, to perform a surgery) but no matter who the patient is or how famous they are, if it is going to damage them to provide it it is your duty to say “no”. No matter whether Michael Jackson was or was not an addict, no matter how often or how strongly he asked for medication that was dangerous, it was Dr. Murray’s job to decline to give it to him.

  • Dr. Murray was guilty of manslaughter. He was the doctor and should have told Michael “No” when he asked for the propofol. He was also negligent in not properly attending to MJ while MJ was under the influence of propofol.

    That being said, MJ was also a drug addict who paid a high price for his addictions.

    There was A LOT wrong with this whole situation.