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This Blind Item Should Be Easy: Who Recently Got Pregnant?

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Classic Hollywood gossip: someone got pregnant, but the guy who thinks he’s the father, isn’t. From Blind Gossip:

This female celebrity found in the past month or so that she is having a baby . Congratulations!

Sort of.

You see, she is certain that her celebrity significant other isn’t the father! Yes, she did travel to see her S.O. a few times while he was away on a project, but she knows that those dates don’t coincide with the pregnancy. She also knows that the dates do coincide with the time she hooked up with an old boyfriend.

She has been talking with friends about what she should do, but is leaning towards not saying anything to the S.O. and just letting everyone believe it is his baby.

Fortunately for her, her S.O. isn’t too good at math. Or calendars. Or anything else that requires thinking.

Here’s the question: did she even announce the pregnancy? Is she far enough along for anyone to tell if she didn’t?

The use of the word “celebrity” leads me to believe it’s neither of these people are actors. Keep in mind that “celebrity” could mean a number of things. “Celebrity” could refer to someone who was in a popular reality show.

Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green is the popular guess. BUT I’m gonna go against the popular Megan Fox vote and say It’s Danielle Deleasa, who is married to Kevin Jonas. He’s a celeb because of his music career, and she’s now one too because of their reality show, Married To Jonas. They announced their pregnancy on July 9. OR MAYBE IT COULD EVEN BE Rachel Zoe with Rodger Berman (expecting since 6/20). But this all assumes that the couple announced their pregnancy.

Who’s your guess?

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  • Kevin and his wife were also popular answers for the blind about the couple faking their pregnancy. Buying gender neutral, wearing a fake bump, the planning a fake miscarriage. I don’t think it’s BAG & Fox cause he’s so controlling (allegedly) that I think he’d put the dates together.