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Well That’s Not Surprising: Britney Spears “Can’t Hold A Conversation”

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Britney Spears isn’t known for rapier wit like Stephen Fry or for engaging in philosophical debates about science with Neil deGrasse Tyson, but apparently she doesn’t even know how to have a basic conversation. This is according to someone named Adrienne Bailon (ah, she was a singer in that long ago band, The Cheetah Girls.) On an episode of something called The Real, Ms. Bailon revealed Ms. Spears’ shortcomings (via Zimbio):

I worked with her on The X Factor and I’m not going to lie to you, guys… She can’t hold a conversation. They had someone who feeds her what she is supposed to say. Like, she can’t hold a conversation.

Yeah, no kidding. Maybe that’s why Simon Cowell got fed-up with her (though his passive-aggressiveness was still pretty lame.)

Zimbio also notes that Dave Grohl once described Britney Spears as “dead inside” with “nothing behind her eyes.”

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  • How about people not be such assholes about Spears?! She suffers from mental illness, which is not funny or a joke. Who in the hell is Bailon anyway? A hack ex Cheetah Girl and the ex of that loser Rob Kardashian. Her only relevance these days is obviously dissing someone with a mental problem.

  • Mo fan of Bailon but before Brits mental problems were known I always thought she might be mildly retarded. Poor girl…

  • Brittany is not mentally handicaped, drugged up or brainwashed…
    Brittany is just from the south…

  • It all has to do with the business she’s in. Anything more than a quick sound bite is not usable to the press so where’s the conversation. Half the teenage girl population can’t have a normal conversation what’s so new about that. Short attention span on both sides it’s no wonder nothing is said that is important.

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