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Kim Kardashian Swears She Isn’t Botoxing Her Face While Pregnant


Kim Kardashian is almost ready to give birth so of course she gave up botox long ago, right? Well some people are saying that no, when it comes to Botox, Kim is still…keeping up. (YEEEEAAAHHH!!!)

The incredibly vague details from In Touch magazine:

Insiders tell In Touch that Kim is putting her baby’s health on the line in the name of beauty. “She’s still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant,”says an insider. Kim’s obsession with beauty hasn’t only driven her to get chemicals injected into her face — she’s also been having gel manicures and spray tans, all procedures that could have consequences for her unborn baby with boyfriend Kanye West. “She’s so worried about what she looks like — that’s why she’s still getting Botox,” says a family insider. “She’ll go to any lengths to protect the one thing that’s most precious to her: her beauty.”

I’ve included several images of her from this past month, in case you want to take a very close look. Kim is also saying that she has “pregnancy lips”. She instagrammed a photo of her puffy pout with, “My pregnancy lips are outta control #IGuessNotABadProblemToHave.” Ew. I don’t know why, but ew.

kim kardashian instagram pregnancy lips photo

But back to the Botox: what do you think? Did she go full Lohan?

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  • Idk man, I think the US is a bit too obsessed with what pregnant women can or can’t do. Like, over here in Europe women dye their hair, eat cheese, and some even have wine in moderation and the babies are born completely healthy. Just because you’re pregnant you don’t stop being a person.

  • She has edema, which means she is really swollen, it happens to a lot of pregnant women, and it really shows on her ankles, it also makes the face look puffy. It’s caused by a medical condition that has to do with her kidneys during pregnancy which causes the retention of water in the body, but it isn’t serious if she is being monitorized by her doctors. Once she has the baby and her face goes back to normal I bet she will go back to botox immediately.

    • Me, neither. Sure, your face gets puffy but not in any known aesthetically pleasing way.

  • That just goes to show how STUPID this chick really is. “Pregnancy lips”…really? She’s an idiot! There is no such thing! She know good and well she’s getting Botox. She doesn’t care about that baby or she would have stopped everything. She is only going to use that beautiful poor baby as an accessory to get more publicity and make more money. Seriously, if all someone cares about is there looks, they are really pathetic.

  • Everyone needs to leave Kim alone.Everyone is acting like she’s the only one that’s made mistakes.He who is without sin let them cast the first stone.

  • Yes she did go full Lohan. She doesn’t even care about her poor baby! WORST MOM EVER!!!