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9Did Lindsay Lohan Get Botox For Her Brazil Gig?

Lindsay Lohan is making money by promoting some ugly clothes (John John) in Brazil. Hey, whatever she can do to get cash whether it’s co-starring with Charlie Sheen or being paid for appearances like these is better than not doing anything at all.

Gotta say though, if you’re being paid for your appearance maybe you want to make sure you look like you. Here’s how Lohan looked after her most recent court appearance. Granted, the girl is tired as hell, but it’s still a massive difference from the photos shown here, taken 4 days ago. Also compare it to her latest mugshot.

What do you think? Did she get fillers injected in her face?

She is way too young for botox. Getting Botox when you don’t have any or many lines/wrinkles is a terrible idea. Why is she doing this to herself?

Thanks to Zimbio for the photos.

April 1, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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9 Responses to “Did Lindsay Lohan Get Botox For Her Brazil Gig?”

  1. Junebug says:

    Not sure about Botox but, her hair extensions are horrible.

  2. Kbaz says:

    Doesn’t have any lines or wrinkles?! Have you seen this girl? Her face is like an old boot when the bloat subsides

    • Mike says:

      Actually, even though she looked pale and sick in those pictures from her last court appearance, she looked surprisingly young as well. I looked for wrinkles, and they weren’t there. I understand not liking her because everything she does is insane, selfish, and reckless, but she is a pretty girl. At this time, that is still a fact. It is possible to be pretty and a crappy person.

  3. Lo says:

    Whatever she’s done, it isn’t working. I hate to say this about people, but she’s not looking so hot…

  4. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    I love how she made them hold the camera high and point it down. MySpace camera tricks! Hide that saggin’ double chin, girl, do it, TCB. In all seriousness though, why doesn’t she just pay a doc to have that shit sucked out?

  5. Kas says:

    She’s way too young for a lot of things.

  6. kimcheee says:

    I’ve been watching her for years. She looks old because she started getting plastic surgery at a young age. She is the anti-advertisement for plastic surgery, imo.

  7. jj says:

    She looks like she has been hurling all night and is far from finished. Watch your shoes people. It’s kinda weird but of all the young celeb fuck ups (and there are a lot) she is the one that I have the least sympathy for. Actually no sympathy for WAY too many chances and absolutely no progress in straightening out her life.

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