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6Courtney Stodden Practically Asks Us To Beg For Her Sex Tape


Courtney Stodden says she made a sex tape, and thankfully it’s not with Some Dude From Lost. No, this tape is all Stodden. “Tape.” It’s probably a digital recording, although she swears no one can “hack” it. I’ll just let her speak in her own darling words. From Eonline:

Hackers, don’t even go there cause you’ll find nothing.

YEAH HACKERS, DON’T EVEN. Justo to reiterate, her husband/Some Dude From Lost is NOT in the video. She says,

[It's] just me. I don’t want to put any images in people’s mind; I’m gonna leave it up to you guys to think what you want.

Thank you, Courtney! So kind of you. She says she’s not going to release it (“no, this is personal”) and that it was recently done because, “I turned 18 in August, so you do the math.”

Ms. Stodden also said she hasn’t submitted any nude photos to Playboy yet, as though they’re waiting on baited breath. I think they’re probably too intimidated by her naked shoot for Girls And Corpses magazine to take her on, because how could they do better? Once you elevate something, you gotta keep it rising.

So enjoy these photos of Ms. Stodden from “a fashion show in West Hollywood.”

May 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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6 Responses to “Courtney Stodden Practically Asks Us To Beg For Her Sex Tape”

  1. teen says:

    As long as she is getting drilled by her “old man” husband I’d like to see her get turned inside out.

  2. Mart says:

    *bated breath

  3. Dee Cee says:

    Burn it… burn it with fire! Oh wait..

  4. kimcheee says:

    She screwed up by not releasing, um – leaking her sex tape the day after she turned 18. How did this attention seeking hoe miss her cue? *shakes head*

  5. kimcheee says:

    I got a new face/icon. I’m ascending!!!!

  6. Bigpounder says:

    At this point ” Anyone thats up- in it- ” is getting lost ! Cause it”s worn out….. Even b4 her 18th brthday. lol

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