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Courtney Stodden Belongs on the Red Carpet All the Time

photo of doug hutchison and courtney stodden pictures
These photos are from the Markus + Indrani Icons book launch party which was held in Beverly Hills over the last few days. It was hosted by Carmen Electra, and proceeds to go to the Trevor Project, which is a foundation that helps prevent suicide among those in the LGBT community. Great cause, for sure, and Lady Gaga, naturally, just signed on as a sponsor of some sort, too, so there’s that.

What I want to talk about today, though, is not Lady Gaga and her business decisions—no, I want to talk about Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden and how they showed up to this thing under the misconception that it was a Halloween party, to which they decided to go as an 80’s pimp and his coked-out ho.

Isn’t this just the best thing all day long?

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  • Why does Doug’s face always look like it’s in an image that’s been stretched or re-sized? The artwork behind him shows that the image hasn’t been altered but you wouldn’t know it looking at his face.

  • I met Courtney Stodden once (at least I’m pretty certain it was her), she was in a sex shop here in the south of France, except she was full of air, open-mouthed, and propped up against a DVD shelf. Doug was close by, and my girlfriends and I all pointed at the ‘sketchy guy in the trench coat’. True story.