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Is Kristen Stewart Racist?

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Kristen Stewart is known for being boring as hell, but can we add casual racist to her list of unappealing qualities? I’m not buying what Blind Gossip is selling, but let’s take a look:

A small group of people was gathered for a private party. When a song by a popular black artist (now deceased) came on, [Stewart] went on a rant.

“OMG! Seriously? Seriously?! What the f*ck is this? I don’t want to listen to this disgusting ghetto music! Change it now!”

This event occurred in a hotel room. Someone put on a song by the late Tupac Shakur, and Kristen made the unfortunate “ghetto” comment. There were a few people in the room who weren’t as pale as Kristen (is anyone?), and they found the remark offensive. Nobody challenged her on it. They just changed the music and commented on it when she left the room.

It sounds to me like she’s an idiot who is unfamiliar with the sounds of Tupac. She probably only knows him as a hologram. However, Blind Gossip isn’t letting it go there. They’re pressing their “Kristen Stewart Is Racist” theory:

That comment might just be a footnote if it wasn’t for another recent event that touches on the same topic.

Kristen Stewart recently dropped out as the lead on a film when the male lead was changed from Ben Affleck to Will Smith. From Vulture:

Ben Affleck got too busy to do the con artist romance Focus with Kristen Stewart. Now Will Smith is assuming the Affleck role, but “Stewart fell off with the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap,” Variety reports. (Smith is 44; Affleck is 40. Stewart is 23.)

By the way, Rupert Sanders, the director with whom Stewart had an affair, is 42. So, yes, the age excuse sounded flimsy. Perhaps is was just a chemistry thing, or she changed her mind about the role.

In any case, Stewart needs to tread carefully if she wants to avoid even the appearance of insensitivity to minorities in the future. In fact, if the chatter on this one doesn’t die down soon, you can expect that she will be pushed into a project with a black costar.

I agree with the “age excuse is flimsy” part. It’s like when Bradley Cooper said he wouldn’t date Jennifer Lawrence because she’s young enough to be his daughter, and then goes and dates someone who can’t legally drink in America. Something’s going on there, but maybe she just thinks Will Smith is a douche. Making a stupid comment about rap and not wanting to work with Will Smith isn’t enough to brand someone racist.

If this story became a big thing though, it certainly wouldn’t help her, as she’s already very much hated.

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    • Rap should be called crap! Anyone can scream real fast into a mic and call it music. And a lot of probably fat ugly women on here are very jealous if Kristen Stewart.

      • Actually that would be your heavy metal sweetheart . Your right any moron can scream into a mic and call it music. And when I say scram I literally mean SCREAMING .

    • Rap should be called crap! Anyone can scream real fast into a mic and call it music. And a lot of probably fat ugly women on here are very jealous of
      Kristen Stewart.

  • So despising rap makes you racist? Then I’m the biggest racist ever, lol. Me, the only white guy in 3 bands. She is right, it is ghetto “music”, and I’m using the term music VERY lightly. Notice how you say ANYTHING about someone who isn’t white you’re racist, but if someone says anything about a white person they’re fucking celebrated?

    • Luke her not liking rap music isn’t the problem, it’s how she stated it and probably her tone. She could have just said I don’t like this type of music; she didn’t have to throw ghetto into it. She’s a racist turd.

      • Anonymous is a typical racist BLACK AFRICAN American who’s never even been to AFRICA.

      • @Air Force: You sound like a closet white nationalist. As a multiracial libertarian-conservative I’m surprised to find you on a liberal pop culture site. Don’t guys like you usually hang out at American Renaissance or V-Dare or Taki’s Magazine? It’s OK if you are; I’m way past caring. All I can say is that the GOP is gonna split anyway and the Dems will be winning every election for the rest of my life (I’ll just move to a no income tax state, there’s 8 of them) because of people like you (and that goes for yeaaaaaah, Billybob, Davie Jones, and Henry McFuck, as well…by the way Mr. McFuck, Stewart looks like a methed-out trailer lizard trying hard to look heroin chic…and she’s got the body of a 13-year-old boy, no breasts, no ass; so stop it with the Celtic princess nonsense). As for Stewart’s talent, she blew everybody away at 14 in her 4th film, “Speak” in ’04. She played a repressed high school girl who had been raped over the summer and arrives at school voluntarily mute. People thought her acting–done mostly with facial expressions & body language–was brilliant, and she was on her way to stardom. Since then we’ve all figured out that the uptight, uncomfortable-in-her-own skin, shy, awkward character she played in “Speak” wasn’t acting–that’s the sum total and extent of both her personality and her so-called ‘talent.’ She’s no Reese Witherspoon (“Man in the Moon” at 14) or certainly not a Scarlett Johansson (voluptuous beauty). I predict she’ll just fade away like Lindsay L. & Alicia S. & Amanda B. & Rose M. Then again, with a net worth of $70 million ( she won’t be wanting for anything. As for her alleged ‘racism,’ I think she’s just a generally blah, self-centered, insensitive person who probably feels like I do about rap (from casual indifference to active dislike) and who probably didn’t think she’d play well opposite Mr. Smith (I, for one, don’t see the chemistry). Maybe she likes old school soul music or reaggae, and maybe she’ll star opposite the up & coming (and closer to her age) Michael B. Jordan in a future endeavor, or even better yet: Corbin Bleu (now there would be chemistry!).

    • Luke then you are just as racistas Kristen but it’s easy to admit that when you’re hiding behind a computer isn’t it. Why don’t you express your racist thoughts to people of color to their face.

      • Ummm, I dont know much about Tupac but didnt he and most all rap or hip-hop etc. express in their music about coming from the hood and what the ghetto life is like. Basically competing with eachother for ‘cred’. I cant stand to listen to the whiny b****es myself, I cant fault her for it. Since when can you detirmine whether someones a racist because they freak out from loud noise? What you think Beyonce would do in a room of blaring heavy metal?! yeah thats what i thought

    • Using the term “ghetto” when describing black people or “black music” IS racist, you dumb fuck.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble you dumb twat, but I have headlined death metal festivals from mass to Puerto Rico

      • Whoa….. Headlined death metal fests in Puerto Rico, thats kinda like havin the hottest Polka band in Sheboygan, right?

    • I am not sure if she is racist, but I can definitely say Luke is very ignorant of racial issues, history, and lack of empathy to others plyt. I can’t not remember through the racist history of America, when a white man or woman was forcefully removed from their land, taken to another land across an ocean, savagely beat, mutilated, and systematically removed as a member of the human race and enslaved as an “animal” to serve their superior masters.
      Now does it make an angry, uninformed, un-empathetic,self-serving,overly hostile white person as yourself racist; no. It could just mean you were molested by a close family friend or uncle and neglected by your parents to the point where you could not form any accredited abstract thought; in relation to the harm, alienation, fear, that is placed on an enslaved population. Just to make sure you are following me Luke (that would be black people you insensibly refer to being celebrated for pointing out racist white people). Now before you start your insensitive predictable parrott-like argument, that most subconscious unreflected racist use, let me refute this before you begin.
      Black people can adopt racist views and in that they do become racist. But what you and most unaware racist people (you see Luke we can adopt subconscious racist views and not even know it, such as secretly thinking black people are not fully human or inherently lazy because this is what we are subconsciously taught through mass communication, well this is probably a little more than you have the compassion to understand, so I will leave it at that. This parentheses stops this sidebar in case your mind started wandering>) are describing is a view by an enslaved population of being very proactive and suspicious of real or perceived racist behavior. Through a very violent and traumatic history of 400 years of accepted forced (Slavery), hidden (Jim Crow laws, Segregation), and now the period we are in subconscious (unconscious thoughts and perceptions even from well intentioned people of values; good and bad, given to different races) racism. So you see, Luke, this argument is a little more complicated than your shallow subconscious racist rant seems to cover. (another sidebar my unintelligent Luke, I said subconscious, so you see you are being racist and might not even know it.) Since you are white, your subconscious mind set will obviously be directed at the slave owner mentality and being black, well I am sure you can figure out the rest.
      See black people are not trying to be racist, usually, they are using a protective mechanism, of obtaining justice even if at the surface it looks racist, by reflecting racist views at the group who enslaved them. An excellent example would be the O.J. trial. Most white people knew he was guilty and judged the trial through facts and were able to dismiss the racial issues as peripheral and unimportant, which led them to believe he was guilty, and yes I believe he also was guilty. Black people came to another subconscious believe that he was guilty, because the racial issue were important and real. So, justice, by black people, was to see reasonable doubt, because racial issue, no matter how small or on the surface insignificant, carry more weight to them (rightfully so). This led them to ignore the facts and find him guilty, although they could not say this or might not even had realized this consciously. This is where the reflection of past injustices of enslavement resurface. They found O.J. innocent even though he was guilty, just like trials of all white juries did to black men in the South during our hidin’ racial years. As rev. Al Sharpton said at Johnny Cochran’s funeral, “With all due respect to you brother Simpson, we didn’t clap when the acquittal of Simpson came for O.J., we were clapping for Johnnie,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said in his eulogy. “We were clapping because for decades our brothers, our cousins, our uncles had to stand in the well with no one to stand up for them. And finally a black man came and said, if it don’t fit – you must acquit.”
      I hope I have showed you a more intelligent and sophisticated way to look at race and racism. Racism is simple and easier to digest when It is looked at through only one perception. Another thing that will blow your mind…………..I am a 46 year old white man. See racism isn’t as simple as you thought.

      John Doolittle

    • Very true Luke,p/c is a crock of s–t but USA has lost
      control of their country.Just one reason I’ve moved to
      Amsterdam,Nl. much more freedom in Europe.

  • She may be an asshole but not liking rap or backing out of a movie does not make one a card carrying member of the Klan.

  • Would they make such a big deal if she were to say she hates country and western? She may have used a poor description of the music but aren’t we allowed to dislike any kind of music without being called a racist.

    • If she was to call country and western music hill billy and redneck music. Yes it would make her a racist. Ghetto is a word that is negative towards Black just as rednecks is a word that is racist towards most southerners. If it walks and quacks like a duck it’s a duck. That was a racist remark no matter how you try to justify it.

      • The word “ghetto” is not specific to any racial group, and if anything (and I’m really reaching here) it would be a slur towards economically disadvantaged people.

        Everyone needs to cool their jets!

  • Ha, ‘Changes’ came up on my playlist while I was reading this (a damn good song, thankyouverymuch). In any case, my stance will always be, “she was in ‘Twilight’, therefore her opinions are meaningless!”

  • How does not liking a particular artist or style of music make anyone a racist? That’s a very poor claim IF it’s even true because most blind items are complete bs to begin with. Sorry, not buying this crap bs story at all.

  • If that’s exactly what she said it doesn’t make her a racist. Having said that, were I in that room, I would have said the same thing, and also asked, “Why on earth are not the Macc Lads playing out of that there stereo?”

  • The problem with this is that its really not about racism, its about finding things that you could possibly spin so that Kristen Stewart looks bad. i dont like her because she doesnt come across as a nice person, she cheated on her bf (with a married man which children she knew) and isnt talented. but this is ridiculous. dont use a word like racism lightly and certainly dont use the sorrow many people have to endure due to racism just to paint someone you dont like in a bad light.
    there is enough to criticise about her already.

  • Disliking some music styles doesn’t make anyone racist. Didn’t gangsta rap start in the ghetto?

    I don’t like acid rock, hillbilly, heavy metal, rap, wagnerian opera, polka, sitar, accordion, or gregorian chant. Am I racist? It isn’t possible to tell based on my musical preferences.

    • Then why couldn’t she have just said I don’t like rap music; why did she have to say that ghetto music is disgusting. Also it wasn’t her party who is she to tell the DJ what to play. She’s a piece of crap and I’m White.

  • I actually love TuPac’s music, the guy was so talented, his voice was beautiful and some of his lyrics were just brilliant. But seriously, go and re-watch some of his old interviews. The guy was bad news. He made a turf war “cool” and encouraged actual gang warfare – partially because it helped his image. Even my ex, who near worships him, reluctantly admitted that he caused a lot of his own issues by his own actions after watching a documentary on him with lots of interview footage with me sitting there pointing out how dangerous a lot of his “hype” was. Actual people, including in the end Tupac himself, died as a result of this crap. So saying his music is “ghetto” could be referring to his gang ties and influence on gang culture. It is not necessarily a racist slur.

  • Roy Cohen was more careful about calling people “communist” than you are about labeling people racist. Look in the mirror buddy. I know fair, well reasoned stories about celebs is not as profitable but your story is disgusting.

  • I love being racist… proud of it indeed… why not, they are… the monkees and spics, jews and chinks… arabs and indians… all are most definitely racist toward whites.. I’m white and proud of it… I dont blame her for turning down the interracial gig… mainstream media and hollywood are shoving too much of that crap down our throats.. gays too.. everywhere you look, fags or colored folks pawing our white girls… friggin disgusting…

  • “Racism”, the modern day witch hunt. Why not just burn all the “racists” at the stake? God forbid people have their own opinions on something, and *gasp* not every person likes rap! That obviously makes them racist and evil! Do you people hear yourselves, or are you too hepped up on feelings of superiority and righteousness? This kind of thing is no different than crazy religious people condemning others to hell, killing and persecuting in the name of their beliefs but you just don’t see that, do you? Sure, we aren’t killing people yet because they’re “racists’ but how long til we start? All this proves is that people will always look for something to act smugly superior about, so maybe you need to stop condemning others and look at yourselves…but that will never happen so I know I’m wasting my breath. It’s much more satisfying to act smugly superior and get your Two Minutes Hate on over shit that just doesn’t matter. Making windows into people’s souls was deemed a bad idea in Elizabethan times but here we are, still doing it. So much for “progress”.

    I’m sure if this is even posted I will get nothing but snotty insults, called a K Stew fantard, etc. I don’t care about this chick AT ALL but this crap needs to stop. And don’t bother to call me a racist, I am one and don’t consider it an insult to be open about something that absolutely every single person on the face of the planet does. Get over yourselves, seriously.

    • If you complain more about people calling others out on racism than ACTUAL racism… well that says more about you than anyone else. No one is killing anyone for being racist, but hey guess what! Plenty of people have been killed for not being white. So really just a really inappropriate hypothetical, especially if you’re not even going to acknowledge that truth.

      It’s just a fact, a white person will never know what it means to be ‘of colour’ and a person of colour will never know what it means to be white. But whiteness is waaaaay more accepted and mainstream, so people of colour have more of an insight into race issues and are pressured to fit into this. The point is to listen, and be empathetic. The fact that most people here arguing against this don’t even seem to acknowledge the systematic, institutionalised racism that does exist is just indicative of our society at large in my opinion.

      Also, I’d bet large amounts of money on the fact that everyone here who is saying ‘oh, dont be so sensitive, just get over it, its life’ is not a person of colour. Maybe because as a white person in western society it really is that simple. For a person of colour it is not.

  • never liked least tupac is a legend. nobody will be talking about lame old Twilight 10-20 years from now.

  • I would never expect someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and just given opportunities and never really had to work to appreciate or relate to any of Tupac’s music so she could just suck it with her monotone and blank personality.

  • see the problem in the world today is that you cant say anything with out it being a problem, what the hell who cares what someone said its their life their opinion and I could care less what the hell she said, Im going to keep living my life. My problem is people need to just move on stop crying about everything, you get one life , why waste it on this crap.

  • It’s really nice to see that most of your readers have waken up to this ridiculous politically correct crap. Every time that you turn around some liberal is calling someone a racist. You can’t open your mouth without saying something without in some way offending someone. Is this country turning into a country full of pansies who aren’t strong enough to turn the other cheek when someone says something a little off color (I hope that that didn’t offend anyone…)? Stand up people and be strong. Your Americans for crying out loud. Be proud of yourselves and don’t let someone hurt your delicate little feelings.

  • She is entitled to dislike anyone she does not want to be affiliated with. Just so long as she does not make any real attempt to harm anybody.I have NEVER heard her say the “N” word, which is only used in reference to males of black race. She should not be so pushy on people.

  • Whites are from ghettos as well blacks do not have ownership-and accusing people of being racist is stupidity. A l Capone was a definite gangster-yet many blacks get offended, wah, wah, if you describe something as ‘gangster’ I think that is hype sensitivity, immature and double racist on their part. No-one is required to ‘like’ anyone, white, black, gay, fat, thin, blonde, so what?

  • Who the fuck cares? At least she didn’t say nigger. And regardless, mainstream media aggravates these situations to the point that they’re just stupid.

  • All the rapp music, from black or white singers is mere noise with racist intones and is definitely ghetto music.

    Kristen Stewart is a drop dead gorgeous white anglo saxon celtic princess. Black and brown women look like turds compared to her beauty. So eat your hearts out all you wanna be white (people with brown and black eyes) mexicans, portuguese, Spaniards, Chinamen-women and blacks.

    • Yeah right. All whites steal from better looking cultures. You ugly, pasty, plain zombies are beneath the pile of dog shit in the parks. The only good white people are the ones hung from trees.

  • If you can speak words, again I said speak words not sing, and throw some music in the back ground, your a rap star.

  • Back in the era of the Gong Show, I don’t think to many Rap stars would of lasted very long on stage before they were gonged off the stage.

    Lets face it! Have you seen what’s happened to MTV?
    Back in the eighty’s it was one rock video after another. And they were all fantastic bands. Now all MTV is, Is a bunch of reality shows. I always have said Rock died when the ninety’s rolled in, and it’s gone down hill ever since!

  • People are not allowed to loath certain kinds of music without being branded ‘racist’?

    If I was her, I would just shrug at these ‘accusations’ and say “yeah whatever”.

  • Its obvious she is a bitch and a hypocrite she wont act in a movie with WSmith but the bitch has the nerve to have an affair with RSaunders. New Flash bitch their like only two years apart so get over yourself you racist hag.

  • In today’s culture everyone tends to hype the most trivial of things way out of proportion. This vastly overblown actress does seem to have some issues – lacking serious depth and quality seem to be two of the biggest.

  • Will Smith has no idea how lucky he is. Kristen Stewart is a lousy, chicken-legged actress. I’d pay her to stop wearing skirts so we wouldn’t have to stare at her ugly legs.

  • I used to be suggested this web site by way of my cousin. I am no longer certain whether or not this publish is written through him as no one else understand such specified about my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

  • White women look like bleached anuses. The only time they look passably attractive is when they are tanned with darker features. Who the fuck want urine colored hair, corpse -like skin, lizard lips, boyish faces and bodies? I’ve seen severed foreskin that’s better looking then the Micks and other sub par whites.

  • If white woman so ugly why are blacks leaving black women in droves and trying to date and hit on white girls all time?

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