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Amanda Bynes Took Shirtless Selfies. Sick Of Her Yet?

amanda bynes topless

Amanda Bynes overload right now. Stop. Stop. Stop Amanda. Put on your shirt. She tweeted these pics with, “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!” and “One more pre make up!”


1. Girl, you are obviously already wearing makeup. Don’t pretend you’re pulling some Emilia Clarke barefaced beauty pic.

2. No.

Someone needs to sit her down in that Dove campaign and draw sketches of her or some shit so she can find her self-esteem. And not from Twitter, and not from Drake.

I thought her whole attention-getting thing was brilliant at first and now I’m just tired of it. I have nothing else to add.


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  • is it just me or do her boobs look super fake….they weren’t always that big, right?

  • Sick of her yet? That would be a big YES. When all else fails bring out the boobs. She looks fine now she just needs to do something useful with herself besides sharing her whole life on twitter.

  • I don’t know why her family doesn’t help this crazy ass girl :( I know she’s an adult but Britney Spears family got help for her so someone really needs to get her help before its to late :( it’s like watching a train wreck and it sad because she’s so young :(

  • Am I the only one that noticed she put makeup on her cleavage to make her boobs look bigger?

  • Oi, stripper tits! Dr. Drew would so ask her if she’s ever been molested…