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2Is Amanda Bynes’ Love Affair with Drake ‘Over’?

amanda bynes drake

Amanda Bynes has been thirsty for Drake for ages, even going so far as to tell the entire Twitter population that she wanted him to “murder [her] vagina”. However, she seemed to change her tune on Monday night for no apparent reason, leaving two different but equally bizarre tweets pointing to her love for young Aubrey being all but over – rawr!

Then, a few hours later, there’s this (is that sock salesman Rob Kardashian to the left?):

Uh oh… I can’t believe this love affair is over before it really had a chance to start!

April 30, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
Filed Under: Amanda Bynes, Drake

2 Responses to “Is Amanda Bynes’ Love Affair with Drake ‘Over’?”

  1. Jake says:

    No, that’s not the male Kartrashian, that would be her former costar, Nick Zano. Strange.

  2. Webster says:

    Whatever her problems are, she is now becoming a major annoyance, with not much to add to society at this moment in time except making some people laugh. I’m not laughing just shaking my head in wonder and sadness.

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