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Amanda Bynes Goes To The Gym – Rawr!

amanda bynes 1

While most people go to the gym to, you know, work out, Amanda Bynes goes to take selfies in the weight room mirror with one eye closed in what’s meant to be a wink but looks more like an early onset stroke. Bless her heart. Then she shows the results off to everyone on Twitter!

Amanda hit up the gym in NYC yesterday in a white hoodie and grey sweatpants but didn’t do much in the way of exercise. She probably smoked a blunt in the locker room, took these pics and then headed home. Sounds about right, eh?

amanda bynes 3

Amanda announced her arrival at the gym at 11:30pm last night. Who in the hell goes to the gym at nearly midnight? Lord almighty.


If all of that wasn’t great enough, Amanda endeared herself to the public (and by “the public”, I mean me) later in the evening as well when she engaged in this interaction with a fan:



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