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Amanda Bynes Is A Social Media Genius Looking For Someone “To Grow Old And Fat” With

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Amanda Bynes‘ latest tweet almost made me cry. And not in an, “Oh, this girl needs so much help” way, but in a, “Oh, I feel that” way. She tweeted,

All I want is a boyfriend who wants us to grow old and to get fat together.

Me. Too. Not the old part, but the fat part. I want a boyfriend who wants us to get fat together. The old thing will happen at some point. I just want someone who thinks I’m beautiful but will more importantly, sit on a couch with me for hours, splitting one of those chocolate oranges with me.

And she totally knows how to play us. By “us” I mean people like me who are single and really sad and care about Amanda Bynes. And have no direction in life.

I think Ms. Bynes is a social media genius. I no longer think she is on the brink of insanity. I think she knows exactly what the eff she’s doing. She’s been requesting that all media outlets only post her twitter photos. When they don’t, she tweets at them, kindly asking them not to use that photo. And most of them tweet her back, saying okay and then asking her if she likes the one they replaced it with! They’re humoring her, and she’s humoring them, and now major media outlets are tweeting at her asking for an interview and for her approval. Examples:

From AOL Radio:

we think you should DJ one of our stations! How about it?

We think you’d do great! Our Drake station 4ya: RT @AmandaBynes: @AOLRadio I want to start singing in a few years!

(lolol) From Entertainment Tonight:

Do you approve of these photos? 

MTV RapFix tweeting that she was doing “weird things” to get Drake’s attention, and Ms. Bynes’ only response was asking them to change the photo they posted for their story, to which they tweeted back,

okay girl, if you prefer that picture, gotchuu

And she’s retweeting everything now. So now every other media outlet can see who is after her and who she’s interested in. She’s also retweeting things that her fans are saying to her. Her “old and fat” tweet got a lot of attention. One guy even tweeted, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE” which she then retweeted, so he’s probably on his way to being very famous very soon.

I think she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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  • I don’t think this girl has bipolar disorder, she seems early-stage schizophrenic. Someone needs to get her help before she goes into a rage and hurts someone other than herself.

  • even people that are medical professionals, therapists, psychiatrists- could they really diagnose someone from what they read in the papers, see on tv, and on the internet? i mean, don’t you kind of need to sit down with someone and talk to them and find out their medical and mental healthy history, and so forth….