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The No Makeup Movement Continues With Emilia Clarke Showing Off Her Bare Face

emilia clarke no makeup

Emilia Clarke is joining Demi Lovato in showing fans a makeup free face, via social media. Unlike Ms. Lovato’s photo, it appears that Ms. Clarke actually isn’t wearing any makeup.

Fans are used to seeing her on Game of Thrones and in Broadway’s much maligned Breakfast At Tiffany’s with a very prettily made-up face. Makeup, no makeup, whatever — she’s a beautiful girl. I love this makeup free movement, because this photoshop shit is getting f-cking ridiculous, to the point where the celebrities don’t even look like themselves. It’s unnecessary. I would love to see these women on the covers of magazines with little or no makeup, and not as a novelty issue.

Then again I can see how some people would roll their eyes and think, good for you, do you want a medal for showing the world what you look like as a normal person? I’m for it though.

For comparison, here’s what Ms. Clarke looks like with makeup:

emilia clarke red lipstick

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  • The problem I have with Photoshop is that some girls aspire to images that are not real. Then, when they can’t achieve the idea that’s sold to them in a glossy magazine they get depressed, start hating themselves, and some commit suicide. It’s awful.

  • I think both looks are great :) somedays you feel like jeans then you feel like slacks and heels different looks both great ! If you feel good in your own skin it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks just go with what you feel for the moment ! I know in the past I had to dress in full hair and make up every day so it feels good to go all natural some days !!

  • Hair tied, sweatpants chillin wit no makeup on. That’s when you’re the prettiest I hope that u don’t take it wrong!

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