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Demi Lovato Tells Her Fans To Take Off Their Make-Up While Tweeting A Photo of Her Obviously Made-Up Face

Demi Lovato had her heart in the right place when she tweeted to her 12 million+ fans:

Ladies, be brave today… take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!

She then tweeted a “selfie” that shows her clearly wearing make-up. Not a lot, but come on. She’s wearing mascara, blush, tinted lip balm and perhaps a touch of concealer or foundation on her face somewhere. At least when Amanda Bynes tweets her selfies she doesn’t deny the pounds of make-up she’s wearing.

The message was a good one, though, and Ms. Lovato got a lot of tweets back of her proud barefaced fans.

To all my Lovatics – if you come across haters, show them love. We don’t bully back or retaliate. That’s not what we are about!!

So many GORGEOUS faces […] Not enough battery left on my phone!!! Haha love you ALL!!!

Really though, certain Instagram filters are great replacements for make-up.

I’m glad that Ms. Lovato is embracing herself, as she’s been open about her struggles with eating disorders. That shit’s not easy.

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  • well… she does have highlighter in the inner corner of her eyes. Even if that is the only thing I can spot because the pic’s too tiny, then she’s still wearing make up.

  • she’s not wearing makeup. some people have naturally rosy cheeks (me) and pigmented lips (also me) clear skin (i’m lucky) and dark lashes (i’m not that lucky). she’s actually just a very pretty girl who usually has caked on makeup…i guess that’s not as fun of a story.

  • she is wearing make-up…anyone that thinks she’s not doesn’t know anything about make-up..
    she has on:
    lip stain
    clear brow stay…
    it is a lighter hand and certainly a better more ‘life-like’ palette than her usual…

  • She is clearly *not* wearing makeup-
    her cheeks look splotchy and you can see her freckles. Her lips look naturally pink, and obviously not wearing any mascara.
    As someone who has attempted to achieve the natural look via makeup for over a decade, I can clearly tell when someone’s wearing makeup, even if it’s a little bit. She isn’t. But that wouldn’t have made for a scathingly bitchy article at the expense of a young woman who just got out of rehab for an eating disorder and body dismorphic disorder, right?

    • i guess your efforts over the past decade have taught you nothing about make-up…not trying to f with the head of a young girl with problems-no hate here-but she is the one that said she had on ‘no make-up…(probably, the make-up artist, who made her up here, told her she could get away with saying ‘no make-up’…you are naive at best and obviously don’t no much about cosmetics and what is availiable….

  • You all are a bunch of stupid and jealous haters if you claim that she’s wearing makeup. I’m sorry you’re ugly as shit and look like a potato without makeup, but not everyone needs makeup.

  • Lol, she is not wearing makeup. You can clearly see her freckles, and a lot of people have rosy cheeks. That is not blush, and you can tell it’s not. And Demi has no mascara on. Remember she has thick eyebrows, which generally means thick eyelashes.

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