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Emilia Clarke

Madonna’s ‘Game of Thrones’ costume was actually the real thing

madonna game of thrones

Unfortunately, the image of Madonna dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones for Purim is burned into our minds forevermore. However, even though it was an absolute mess, everyone had to admit she did a pretty impressive job in looking the part.

Well, turns out, there’s a reason for that: it was Emilia Clarke‘s actual costume from the show!

“It’s my real costume. I thought I was dreaming. I got an email from amazing HBO publicist Mara, saying, ‘Madonna would like to borrow the costume, is that okay?’ I thought, ‘God, this must be a dream. This can’t be real.’”

Oh girl, it is real, unfortunately. Here’s Emilia’s interview on Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon if you want to hear more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Is Our New Sarah Connor in the ‘Terminator’ Reboot

emilia clarke

In case you missed it, there’s going to be a Terminator reboot and we couldn’t have just any actress filling Linda Hamilton’s iconic role, now could we? Instead, several actresses read for the part, and the one that fit the bill best was none other than Daenerys Targaryen herself, Emilia Clarke.

Here’s the scoop from Variety:

After taming dragons on “Game of Thrones,” Emilia Clarke is preparing to fight cyborgs as she will portray Sarah Connor in Paramount, Skydance and Annapurna’s “Terminator” reboot.

Clarke, along with Brie Larson, tested for the part but sources say that the “Thrones” star was the early favorite. Sources said the studio was also interested in Margot Robbie, but she never read for the part.

Clarke’s deal closed Friday.

“Thor: the Dark World” helmer Alan Taylor is directing the film with Skydance and Annapurna co-financing along with the studio with David Ellison producing for Skydance and sibling Megan Ellison producing for Annapurna. Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier penned the script.

Nice one! I’ve never seen Emilia in anything but Game of Thrones, so will be interesting to see what her chops are like in other projects.

What do you think of the casting? Will you see the Terminator reboot?

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Emilia Clarke’s Face Was Used In a Russian Anti-Rape Advertisement… Without Her Permission

emilia clarke

Emilia Clarke, the lovely Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, is obviously gorgeous, so of course seeing her face in an advertisement is a good thing. However, the Russian town of Yekaterinburg took matters into their own hands and used Emilia’s picture in an anti-rape PSA that’s in support of politician Yakov Silin. I don’t really get it, but here’s the translation of the ad – in which Emilia is a girl called Anya who feels safe in the city now (via Digital Spy):

“I suddenly noticed that for the last couple of years I’m not afraid to walk at night in Yekaterinburg.

“I now have confidence that the city is safe, that no-one will attack me or rape me.

“It’s so cool… There are only few people on the streets, the streets have lights, the city is fresh and incredibly beautiful. Especially after it has been raining.”

Well, that’s… great. Obviously it’s a good message, so it could be worse, but Silin’s campaign organisers have admitted that they haven’t asked for permission to use Emilia’s picture – even though they still posted it on Facebook. Dun dun dunnnnnn.