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Emilia Clarke Promises ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Will Be “Shocking”

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I don’t know about you, but I had pretty mixed feelings about Game of Thrones last season. It was largely boring, some of the most interesting characters were done a major disservice by either having them do nothing (Daenerys) or having them completely and totally torn apart (Cersei). Jon Snow’s death was the most “shocking” to many, but was it really? I mean, we all knew he couldn’t actually live forever, right?

Anyhow, while Season 5 might have been a bit disappointing, the Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke, is trying to drum up enthusiasm for Game of Thrones season 6, which is still nearly a year away. She’s read the first scripts and thinks fans will be pretty happy with what happens next time around.

From Variety:

“I’m looking forward to absolutely every part of it, it’s like go-go-go from episode one,” Clarke said. “You know how sometimes it’s like, ‘we’re just going to remind you and warm you up: remember this and remember that and I bet you forgot his name …’ sort of thing? [This season] it’s literally like ‘oh yeah, no chance to catch up, here you go, we’re just gonna hit you with it every episode, with something more mental than the last.’”

She added, “I’m like a kid having a sugar high — I can’t handle how sick these scripts are. We actually got the next load in as well and they’re really good. You know that David and Dan are really happy with a script when in the stage directions they just add their own commentary like ‘yeah, right, bitches, sixth season!’ There’s a lot of that.”

Oh, and Lena Headey is excited, too. Here’s her contribution:

“Every year you go ‘What?! Whaaaat!?’ and having read these, it’s the same feeling again … there’s a lot to be very excited about,” Headey teased.

I mean, I know they can’t really give anything away, but really? That’s all we get? Given that the one thing we do know for sure is that Bran Stark is coming back, I think I’ll keep my expectations low.

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