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Get Ready To Punch Yourself In The Head; Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Is Coming In July

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Kris Jenner, the one to blame for Kim and the rest of the whole Kardashian empire, has a set date for her stupid talk show to premiere. On July 15, on Fox, you can watch Kris interview C and B-list celebs who really, really need the publicity. I’m expecting the entire Kardashian family (except for Kylie and Kendall), Kris’ vaguely famous friends, and Bravo Housewives as guests. I predict that she will beg Kanye every day to come on the show and he’ll laugh and say, “That shit cray.”

Here’s more info about this soon-to-be cancelled talk show, from Mstarz:

The host of the new show tweeted today,

“My show starts July 15th & I’m so excited! Go follow@krisjennershow for all the latest. #KrisTV

Twenieth Television first announced on Thursday that Kris Jenner’s “pop culture-driven” daytime talk show, “Kris” will be executively produced by Robert Lifton, in addition to the Kardashian matriarch herself. On Monday, July 15 a six-week trial summer run will launch on several Fox-owned stations, including flagships Fox 5 in New York and Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

The executive producer of the new talkshow stated, “Kris has an incredible ability to connect with television viewers, demonstrates a wide range of interests and can successfully embrace light fare and conversation. She has a fantastic chance to be a true breakout personality in the daytime television space.”

The limited run for “Kris” is aimed at proving itself for a national niche, states Newsday. Kris will feature celebrity guests, fashion and beauty tips and other lifestyle topics. In addition to hosting the daily one-hour show,

As the mother and “mastermind” behind the Kardashian empire hopes to “make magic this summer” and is “beyond excited to start this new chapter,” according to statements reported on TV Guide.

If by “connect” the producer means “piss off” then yes, totally agreed on that one.

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