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Guess Who’s Getting Her Own Talk Show!

A photo of Kris Jenner

It’s Kris Jenner. Kris Jenner is getting her own talk show. I bet you wish you hadn’t asked now, huh?

The show is going to have the very imaginative title of Kris, and it’s going to air for an hour, every single weekday, starting this summer. It’s going to be on Fox. It’s going to have celebrity guests, and Kris is going to discuss beauty and fashion. Basically it’s everything you could ever want.

These are all the details we know right now, but I want you to think about something. We all know how much the Kardashians like to share. Kris’ show is starting this summer. Kim is due this summer. Think about it. I’m not saying that Kim will have the baby on air, but I am saying that there’s a strong possibility that Kim might have her baby on air. Just a suggestion.

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  • Who in there right frame of mind will waste a hour of personal time,(that you’ll never get back) watching her obnoxious ass?..
    No thanks ! I’d rather brush my teeth w/a bottle of jack and chase it down w/grain alcohol..b/c truthfully that would be the only way I could watch a full bullshit hour of her garbage filled narcissist ranting…

      • Hahahah! You two!
        It’ll be over before it begins. What, is Ryan Secrest tired of giving shows away on K! – my bad… E! ?

      • loooool, thanks for acknowledging that we’re 2 different people, jacq! and yes, you are right…it doesn’t stand a chance in hell me thinks. there are stupid people out there keeping that other K show on the air, but it can’t last much longer; i STILL have faith in humanity somehow…just a bit… right-o to julia too! *high*five* dear chaz.

      • LET’S GET DIS PARTAY STARTED! Haaaaa, but seriously. Not my fault the husband wiped out our browsing history including saved logins. Shit happens!
        P.S. LOLOLOL Young Frankenstein forever <3

  • I’m sure she will try everyday to tell everyone how perfect she thinks her cash COW Kim is !!!!! Please no one watch this show so it will get cancelled real quick !!!! Please make these people disappear !!!!!