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Kendall Jenner Wants To Be A Victoria’s Secret Supermodel

Kendall “I Am Not A Kardashian” Jenner has some high aspirations — she’s like to be one of those fancy Victoria’s Secret models.

She told E News (via Glamour UK),

It’s always been kind of a dream of mine… It’s something I’d love to do.

That’s interesting. When I was her age my dream was to get over my fear of driving and to get my driver’s license but whatever. I’m sure she could do it. She’s a beautiful girl. And really, how hard could it be? Are we all forgetting that Victoria’s Secret is, at the end of the day, a freakin’ underwear catalog? I guess it’s a great launchpad though if you play your cards right. Like, hi Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum. Of course it might get in the way of her wanting to be a normal teenager, but let’s be real, that is never, ever going to happen. There’s no way she actually wants to be a normal teenager and have to do what normal teenagers do.

I’ll support anyone who wants to distance themselves from the Kardashians, so you, go Kendall! 4 for you Kend Coco!

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    • Have you even seen a vs model? Most of them are the same models who walk in NY/L/M/P Fashion weeks and have the same body type (aka small breasts). She’s too young now obviously but she definitley has the body type for it.

    • VS models ….& all fashion models for that matter use filets, wonderbra etc …
      none of them have big tits …
      you must be very inexperienced not to know that …lol
      kylie jenner has a perfect body !
      if she gets rid of her slimeball family , she will have a chance at success .
      her father can make that happen before it’s too late …
      she shouldn’t even be seen with the kardashians at this point ….

    • They don’t have boobs anymore. Long gone are the days of Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum…the girls now are sticks and flat as a surfboard. Their clothes are not designed for girls boobs and butts. They want shapeless surfboards.

  • She still came out of pimp mamma’s twat. She’s still half kuntrashian. I would bet money she becomes a slut in less than 3 years

  • She looks like a Victoria Secret model. I hope they call her! It’s a much higher aspiration than Playboy. LOL.

  • I think she is gorgeous and would be a nice VS-model imo. Just the Kardashian name and heritage… I imagine Pimpmomma Kris sitting front row, grabbing attention, planning nipslips and inviting men to see her work the runway, and afterwards they can ‘order’ her as a wife/gf/date. Bleh.