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Clay Aiken’s Stalker Arrested And Charged

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I know what you’re thinking: Clay Aiken has a stalker? How is that a thing? Well, it is and he does and now 57-year-old (of course) Barbara Jean Saylor has been arrested and charged after trespassing onto his property.

Jesus (in this case, E! News) take the wheel:

According to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department, deputies received a call on April 3rd about an intruder who had scaled a security fence and peeked through the windows of the 34-year-old Aiken’s home.

After being informed that the cops were on their way, the authorities say Saylor left the scene, but was collared a short time later and identified.

She was arrested for trespassing and misdemeanor stalking after the former American Idol finalist filed charges against her, telling authorities that she had done something similar in the past.

Saylor was subsequently released on a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 24.

I don’t know what planet you have to be from or what drugs you need to be smoking to be so seduced by Clay’s melodious voice that you stalk him. Buying his album would be bad enough, but being such a fan that you actually break into his property? Girl, you in danger.

In all seriousness, we all know I’m one of the most paranoid people on this planet and I would not be able to cope with being a celebrity. I would constantly be worried that someone was going to try to assassinate me… or, you know, something less drastic but still scary.

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  • Yeah but Clay Aiken is an awesome singer and a super nice dude. You should give him a chance and quit being such a sheep.

  • I agree with you Sahsa…sure would be nice if people actually realized he has a great voice and personality to match. As for the stalker…it must be terrible not to feel safe in your own home. I can’t imagine what was going through her mind.