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Did Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up For Real?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown, maybe the most annoying couple ever, have apparently broken up (again). They’ve been dating for a while, then said they weren’t but were still seeing each other, and now E! News says they have a source who confirms that it’s really over. Let’s hear it:

We can finally close the cluttered chapter of our Rihanna and Chris Brownscrapbooks, because it’s officially over…for now.

A source exclusive to E! News has confirmed the couple’s split after a tireless frenzy of are-they-or-aren’t-they tailchasing. Per the insider, RiRi will always love Chris but has moved on and is reshifting her focus to her career and business ventures.

Currently running the final legs of her international Diamonds tour while spending solo time with her “mini tour family” and conceptualizing new creative ideas for future shows, the superstar is also working toward launching a new perfume and continuing with her ongoing fashion campaigns.

And Chris Brown now has solo time to shift his focus to things like harassing Drake and praying for Justin Bieber. So really, this works out for everyone!

What do you think? Do you think that

a. They’re still together.
b. They’re done.
c. They’re done…for now.
d. They’re done…forever.
e. I am done with them.

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