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Gwyneth Paltrow Continues To Annoy Chris Martin

gwyneth paltrow annoying chris martin

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently has no idea that her husband, Chris Martin, finds her annoying. Maybe now she’ll figure it out.

Mr. Martin wanted to buy a house for him and his Coldplay bandmates to practice and hang out in, or whatever musicians do. Think of it as a $4 million playhouse. But Ms. Paltrow was all, lol no.

From TMZ:

“Coldplay” frontman Chris Martin made an offer on a multi-million dollar home … but it’s not because there’s trouble in his macrobiotic marriage with wife Gwyneth Paltrow — he was buyin’ it for the boyz in the band.

Our real estate sources tell TMZ … Chris went into escrow on a 6,000 square-foot home in Brentwood, CA for just under $4 mil — a place his bandmates could live, with plenty of room to practice and record music.

Chris was so into the 6 bedroom mansion (above) … he not only brought two bandmates over for a look-see, he went to the second floor for a mini-concert to test the acoustics.

All was well … until Gwyneth got involved.  Seems the persnickety Oscar winner had issues with the inspection report and ordered Chris to nix the deal.

Okay, fine, maybe instead of being all lol, she was all, oh this inspection report is very troubling. And maybe Lindsay Lohan will volunteer jail time and be nominated for an Oscar for The Canyons.

I will be surprised if Chris Martin ever gets his Coldplay Clubhouse.

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  • These two deserve each other. He might be a ‘gifted’ (up for debate) musician, but Gwynnie wasn’t crap at acting when it was her life. They’re both sanctimonious, over spending, delusional try hards who don’t have to worry about it because the money will never run out. /shrug