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Even Amanda Bynes’ Family Is Like, Oh Girl No

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Amanda Bynes has been a bit wacky lately and it’s enough to concern her family. Is it too little too late? I don’t think she’s been doing anything terribly destructive, aside from her dangerous driving issues — okay, fine that’s legit destructive — but that’s not even what people are focusing on. (Maybe they should?)

We’re focused on the stranger, David Lynch-ian side of Miss Bynes. Things like:

— Locking herself in a dressing room for two hours.

— Behaving oddly during a spin class.

— Walking around naked in public.

— Calling Jay-Z ugly on twitter.

— Laughing hysterically for no reason.

— Drastically changing her look.

— Tweeting that she wants Drake to, “murder my vagina.”

I guess when you add all those up, plus the fantasy world that is her Twitter and Instagram account, plus the fact that she lives on the east coast while her family lives on the west coast, concern erupts.

EOnline claims a source knows what’s up:

Her family [is] concerned for her welfare…[they want] her to return to Los Angeles so that they can keep a closer eye on her, but she refuses…Bynes’ family is hopeful that everything is going to be fine, but they’re ready to step in if needed.

Her latest Tweet is pretty tame:

amanda bynes tweets

Who doesn’t Twerk out these days?

Her latest Instagram photo gives us a glimpse into the Bynes beauty trend:

amanda bynes instagram nail art

Chic, understated, safe, etc.

But even after you throw all the cards on the table and say, “Bitch look at these cards,” she’s 26 and she can do whatever she wants. Well…only up to a point. The hit-and-runs are gonna catch up to her, as they should, except that her lawyers are doing a pretty good job of Lohaning it over, and that’s not okay.

Right now she’s got the same tagline as Bravo…”Watch what happens.”

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