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Wait, No: Amanda Bynes is Not Totally Fine

photo of amanda bynes in a bra pictures
So how Amanda was talking to People this morning like everything was A-OK and not only is there no mental illness for girlfriend, there’s also no drinking and driving, or even drinking? Well her statement was a blatant crock of BS, because we have exclusive information that Amanda was removed from the gym she attends because of her erratic behavior. And I’m guessing the erratic behavior was prompted by either alcohol and/or drugs, or mental illness, so in either case, BEE-ESS.

Sources at the gym reveal that Amanda was acting oddly during a spin class last night, and a few minutes into the class, stopped … well, spinning. She then proceeded to hop off her bike, wander around the gym, climb atop a new one, and take off her shirt (which was covering a, and I quote, “tiny black strapless push-up bra,” and not even a sports bra). While that wasn’t enough to get her kicked out of the class (weird looks, sure, but doubtless she’s used to those), what finally sealed the deal is when she hopped off her bike a second time, halfway through the class, in order to reapply her makeup in one of the room’s mirrors.

The instructor claims it took ten minutes of telling Amanda to get out before she actually did. And oh my God, how embarrassing that must have been. Ten minutes? Laws.

But yeah, guys. Nothing’s wrong and everything’s copacetic, right?

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