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Andy Samberg Engaged To Joanna Newsom

joanna newsom andy samberg couple

Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live is engaged to singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom. Damn, there are a lot of weddings and engagements going on right now, aren’t there?

I didn’t even realize they were together until this post. Apparently they’ve been together for 5 years, after meeting through mutual friends, though he was a fan of her music way before then, all according to USA Today.

“She respects what he does with his songs,” the friend said, referring to Samberg’s quirky tracks (“I’m on a Boat!”) with comedy troupe Lonely Island. “She’s so proud of everything that he has accomplished.”

Well okay then, they seem like a good match for each other. One time my friend brought me to a Grammy party and Andy Samberg and some friends were there and we were bored so we came up to them and said, “Hey guys, can we hang out with you?” And he was like, “Uhhh…sure!” and super nice about it. But then at some point in the night they ditched us. I totally get it, I ain’t even mad. True story.

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  • So is every Catherine St. Ives post going to be followed by a personal “oh this one time I hung out with someone famous” anecdote? Because I don’t care.

    • Yes, it is, I am going to include in every single post I write a celebrity anecdote, and if I don’t have one, I will make one up, and I will do it just for you, Drea.

      • I love it when people take the time to come on out and come up with a user name and type and post a comment all in the name of letting people know that they really do not care and won’t care in the future.
        Gotta applaud that dedication.

  • aaah i love both of them, they seem like completely different people, i would never have guessed they were dating

  • hey man! i like personal insight about certain celebs – isn’t that what we’re here for? CSI, if you know for a fact that they’re pretty cool/sweet/normal face-to-face, or total dicks, or catty betches, or that they get high as feck & embarrass themselves then most likely can’t remember the next day, i for one would enjoy reading the tales. good on ya! i have some great celeb stories, but at times worry i’ll come across as a braggy mcbraggerson if i share too much, plus having worked for a certain asshole company, there are confidentiality agreements to keep in mind… but let’s face it, living in los angeles, it is difficult to avoid the monthly celeb run in; sometimes weekly – it is WEIRD! la la land for real. i ain’t mad atcha, boo.

    • Here’s the thing, I can understand if I were saying in every post, in every other sentence how popular I am with celebs and how I am such an insider, but I name-dropped Boneva spokeswoman Sally Field and burnout Mischa Barton.

      So your first sentence, that’s my thought too. You can google these stories and read about them on any site, but what makes us different is our POV and our insight, which is why I shared a stupid story about how Andy Samberg ditched me at a party, because isn’t that slightly more interesting than a press release from People?

      Anyway Ms. Polka Pants, living in LA I understand that fine line, and there are certain things I would never share at the risk of being sued. There’s anecdotes I have that are way more interesting but I don’t know if that would piss off readers more or less. Well and also I want to avoid the whole getting sued thing.

      IN CONCLUSION, I do not mean to come off as a braggart and I love Sally Field and I stand by my statement that she is a sweet person, and I will NEVER TAKE THAT BACK.

      Also, thank you!

  • Hey, I’m a day late here, but I also want to say that I agree with Drea. I look at this site casually and not always every day, and I rarely read the comments (they get really mean here, and I’m almost afraid of what might get said because I’m disagreeing with someone right now!) but this time I felt compelled. Catherine, I know I just said the commenters themselves get mean, but you’re being kind of mean here too! I don’t think anyone’s trying to start a fight here, but you have mentioned celebrities in stories, at the end, several times now. (Is it really just twice? Wow, I must’ve clicked on the exact wrong stories.) I WOULD find this name-dropping interesting if it wasn’t and if the stories are for-real more interesting from a press release. But I’m not sure what I’m gaining here, and it makes you sound smug, and so does your snarky reply.
    Shouldn’t you save that snarkiness for real trolls, and not just people with opinions you don’t agree with?