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8Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley Gets TV Show

rupert grint ron weasley cbs

Rupert Grint, of the Harry Potter film series, is starring in a new show for CBS. Are we surprised by this? Because I’m a little surprised by this. I think it’s great, I just never would have pictured him as the type to star in a show on a major network.

It’s going to be shot as a single camera comedy. That’s so hot right now. Mr. Grint plays a nerd named Clyde who dreams of being a superhero but works in fast food. One day he receives an unexpected inheritence stipulating that every month he gets $100,000. He decides to be a real life superhero by using that money to help people. Wow that sounds boring. I’m going to pretend that instead of all of that, he plays a gay sex addict obsessed with Lord of the Rings and is having an affair with a closeted gay man, played by Hugh Laurie, who is married to the first female president of the United States. That sounds like a way better show. Come at me, CBS.

It’s titled Super Clyde and it’s from Greg Garcia who gave us Raising Hope. Was that show any good? I never saw it. Hey, best of luck to ya, Rupert!

Are you interested in Grint’s new show?

February 14, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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8 Responses to “Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley Gets TV Show”

  1. nimeow says:

    I don’t know. I like the sound of your tv show better than what cbs already has planned .

  2. Janem says:

    I love your pitch! Let’s get them to make that, shall we?

  3. kimber says:

    Where did you even come from? Your writing is pretty damn good. I’m glad you joined the EB team. Are you really Sarah in disguise? Tell the truth!

  4. Pique says:

    *Cough* Kick Ass *Cough*

  5. Elizabeth Pacheco says:

    His show sounds boring as hell! Lets go with your idea though!

  6. Mamie says:

    Who are you Ms. Catherine? Who cares….love your writing!!!!!

  7. Red says:

    My bet: Cancelled by mid-season.

  8. mireee says:

    let’s start some crowfunding.

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