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Love It or Leave It: Rihanna Kills It Again

A photo of Rihanna

Sometimes when someone says that someone “killed it,” they mean it in a good way. Like “oh man, did you see Les Mis? Anne Hathaway killed it!” or “oh, Emily drew another comic strip about Morgan Freeman‘s freckles?* I bet she killed it!”

But right now, I don’t mean that. When I say that Rihanna killed it, I mean that she killed the very idea of fashion. She murdered it in cold blood when she decided to put on a dress covered in marijuana leaves, and she desecrated the body when she slipped on that camouflage coat over it. It’s dead. Fashion is dead because of Rihanna. And not in a good way.

By the way, she and Chris Brown are doing another song together. They were seen leaving the same recording studio on Thursday, and Chris Brown’s rep confirmed that they were doing a collaboration. So, you know, there’s a bonus bit of awesome.

*I had to take an ethics course in college, and the class was called Freedom of Expression, but nobody mentioned that the class was actually Freedom of Expression in Political Advertising. But a bunch of my friends were there, and we figured we could do it together. We couldn’t. We passed notes like middle schoolers, and I drew comics about Morgan Freeman’s freckles, and they each had distinct personalities. I’m glad I could share that with you.

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  • No. Jay-Z is not that dumb. He knows Beyonce would leave him in a hot minute and I bet the prenup they signed had a cheating clause where he would be making a big payout to her if he ever strayed. Once her dad cheated on her mom she basically cut him out of her life. If she did that to her dad when she was daddy’s girl, she would definitely leave Jay.

  • Did anyone Question Ike and Tina’s fashion choices? Tina is 80 and she’s still wearing the same fringe miniskirt that she wore when Ike was whooping her ass 60 years ago! Rihanna didn’t kill fashion. Gaga killed it when she wore a bloody steak suit, remember? Here’s my beef with her outfit. 1- The camouflage is not making her disappear, which would be nice. 2- The marijuana should be real because I need to get high to stomach her.

    she’s like those annoying girls who brag about how they “smoked saaah.much.weeeeed” or took “like saaaaah many shahts hahaha”
    shut up, no one cares. you don’t need to go to g street fabrics and get mj print fabric from the 99 cent discard bin and make a dress so we can be impressed with you. sit down!