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Look, It’s A Trailer for Les Miserables!

You guys! This is the very first official footage that we’re seeing from the Les Mis movie, can you believe it? Sure, it’s a trailer that was shakily filmed by someone watching it on a computer, and yeah, it will probably be pulled in a few hours. But look at it! You can see the barricade and little Cosette, and that loving look between Marius and Cosette, and … more Cosette. But we saw Hugh Jackman a handful of times, and we got to hear Anne Hathaway sing “I Dreamed a Dream.”

By the way, wow, Anne Hathaway. That’s … that’s some singing right there. And by that, I mean that it didn’t sound very good. It seems like they went for a more emotional take on the song, probably because Anne couldn’t pull off the vocals that the song usually requires. It seems odd that they would choose her song as opposed to one of Hugh’s, since, you know, he’s the star, he has multiple songs, and he has the voice for the role, without question. It would have been much better to hear Hugh sing “Bring Him Home” over this business, right? Or am I missing some sort of amazing, powerful emotion in Anne’s performance?

Basically, I’m still excited, but I kind of don’t get Anne Hathaway as Fantine anymore. What about you guys?

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  • From this little bit of footage, she doesn’t sound too great. It’s a great classic song, please don’t ruin it.

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