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Hugh Jackman Praises Nicole Kidman’s Whiteness

nicole kidman hugh jackman

It’s not what it sounds like, obviously. As you probably know, Hugh Jackman has dealt with several bouts of skin cancer, and while he’s doing really well, he’s also vocal about how people need to be super vigilant about taking care of their skin, use sunscreen, stay off tanning beds, etc. And he thinks there’s one celebrity (and fellow Australian) who’s an inspiration in this area: Nicole Kidman. You see, Nicole is ghostly pale, much like myself, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about having that ~summer glow~. And good for her!

“People like Nicole Kidman have done a great job,” Jackman, 46, tells PEOPLE of his longtime friend and former Australia costar. “Nicole told me when she was a kid she used to be made fun of all the time in Australia because she used to stay in the shade and she had whiter skin. And no one is making fun of her now.”

“I’m really heartened to see in general the idea that to be sexy and beautiful you have to be tan is gone,” he says. “Nicole has the most beautiful skin.”

I wouldn’t necessarily say that no one’s making fun of her – assholes will always and forever exist, especially on the internet – but I get his drift. And it is nice to see that Nicole has refused to bow down to the Hollywood pressure of being tanned to the extreme. Like her, I burn to a crisp if I’m in the sun too long (though I’m not QUITE as Casper-like as she is) and I’ve never felt the need to be any different. I like to call it “Elizabethan beauty”… and hey, saving myself the skin cancer will be worth it. (And yes, I know that using sunscreen doesn’t preclude you from getting skin cancer, nor does sunbathing mean you’ll definitely get it, so relax.)

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Here’s the trailer for ‘Pan’

Pan 2015 poster

You can’t beat Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard – he looks insane and I love it. Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily is a bit of a weird casting choice, especially considering she’s a white actress playing a Native American character. Garrett Hedlund as Hook, well… whatever. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a sucker for special effects and kids’ stories, so I’ll watch this (i.e. torrent it when it’s out – I would never pay for this) even if it’s shit, which it probably will be. This is the movie Cara Delevingne is making her acting debut in, keep in mind.

Also, it’s kinda bizarre that they’re painting Peter Pan to be some wonderful hero – in the actual story, he was a sadistic freak who needed some serious therapy and locking up, most likely, but I guess this can be called “a twists” on the original?

Anyhow, here we go…

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Howard Stern opens up about delivering Joan Rivers’ eulogy

howard stern

Howard Stern was invited to delivery the eulogy at Joan Rivers‘ funeral, and he couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. The pair had been friends for years, and Stern was able to bring levity to a very sad situation. He later talked about the experience on his Sirius XM radio show (via US Weekly).

“You know, to be at her funeral yesterday was really probably the most remarkable service I have ever witnessed,” Stern, 60, told listeners. “Beautiful temple. I have never been there before [and] it was magnificent. I’ve never seen anything like it. Just sitting in there made you reflective. And so, I got there early because I had gotten a call from [Joan's daughter] Melissa like a day and a half before the service, asking me if I would speak. I said to her, ‘Melissa you’re asking the wrong guy.’

Still, he agreed to speak before Rivers’ friends and family. “I said, ‘I’ll do it. I will do anything for Joan. I’ll do anything for you.’”

To prepare for the moment, Stern immediately sought advice from another fellow comic. “I was in touch with Louie C.K. and he’d written me and he said, ‘You know, Joan really deserves a great sendoff because of her impact.’ He said something very profound: ‘Joan was like an aunt or a best friend who could make everything better. And even in times… after lets just say 9/11 or the country just seems to be going downhill or things just seem to be bad… she would crack a joke, and you know this is true, when she would crack a joke, you didn’t feel so alone. You felt like we were all together and you felt like oh maybe things aren’t so bad.’”

“Louie said probably the loneliness and the unhappiness of life — what else could ease that despair than a great comedian? That’s what great comedians do. Great comedians have the ability to snap you out of this sadness, this loneliness…to set it all right again and she was really really a top pro.”

Stern also revealed that he was particularly moved by a performance given at the service by none other than Hugh Jackman, which… okay! (I had NO idea they were friends at all.)

“It was one of Joan’s favorites,” Stern said. “He starts singing it quietly and part of the song is clap your hands together. He made everyone get up and start clapping their hands to the song. I was so f—ing moved by this guys performance. I had tears. Now, you know me. I’m a big scumbag. I don’t get moved. I appreciated this guy so much. Hugh Jackman. You know f—ing Wolverine.”

Sounds like it was a fantastic celebration of Rivers’ life for those who knew and loved her.

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Hugh Jackman played “Innuendo Bingo” with Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue hugh jackman

BBC Radio 1 is a really great station – really a lot better than any of the American stations I’ve ever listened to – and they also get some great guests. Hugh Jackman has been hanging around lately, and he decided to play Radio 1′s “Innuendo Bingo” with one of their hosts, Scott Mills, and special guest host Kylie Minogue.

This doesn’t need much introduction – it’s just fun and amusing.

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Hugh Jackman had another cancer scare!

hugh jackman

Oh man, poor Hugh Jackman! Last November, our main man Wolverine found a patch of skin cancer on his nose and had it removed. While it seemed like all of it had been caught and everything was great, he recently found MORE cancerous cells and had to have those removed, as well. How awful!

Hugh posted the above photo to his Instagram page this week along with the following message:

“Another Basel Cell Carsinoma. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!”

It’s really awful for him, but also good that he’s getting great treatment, catching it early enough and also using the situation to spread the message on the importance of sunscreen and looking after your skin.

Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and this nasty stuff doesn’t come back!

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Hugh Jackman does ‘Wolverine: The Musical’ and it’s amazing

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman has always seemed to me like a pretty chill, down-to-earth guy, and he proved what a great sport he is during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1. He was handed a set of lyrics about his role as Wolverine set to the music from ‘Who Am I?’ from Les Mis and he jumped right into it when asked if he’d sing it live on air. The results are amazing, as you can tell.

This was pretty impressive – that is, until that last note! Ha. Good for Hugh – this could become a worldwide hit… or not, but it’s still great.


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Hugh Jackman Cancer Update: “It’s All Out!”

hugh jackman skin cancer

Last month, Hugh Jackman revealed that he’d found skin cancer on his nose and had undergone surgery to remove the patch. Cancer of any form is scary, and the actor used the experience as a warning to others to use sunscreen and to visit their doctors should they find any unexplained patches on their own skin. So how’s he doing now? Just fine!

From Access Hollywood:

“I’m all good! It’s all out,” the actor told Access Hollywood at the David Lynch Foundation Presents: Change Begins Within Benefit Gala in New York City on Tuesday. “Thank you to my beautiful wife who said, ‘Come on, go and get it checked.’

“It was just a red dot on my nose and I was like, maybe I injured it in a fight sequence or something, and lo and behold it wasn’t – It was a basal cell carcinoma,” he continued. “I’m an Aussie, we have to get checked but everyone should get checked. Particularly if you’re my age. If you’re 21 or older, you just go and get checked. It’s simple.”

Really glad to hear he’s doing well, and seriously, people, heed his warning – go get checked (especially if you’re Australian, what with that whole “hole in the ozone layer over the country” thing).

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