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Hugh Jackman Raised a Shit Load of Money For Charity

hugh jackman one night only

Hugh Jackman is one of those stars who’s out there doing his thing, not causing any trouble and generally seems like a pretty okay guy – and a pretty hot one, according to most polls. When he does end up in the news, it’s usually for a good reason, and this time is no exception.

For his 45th birthday on Saturday, Hugh spent the night singing and dancing at his One Night Only event at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, during which he raised over $1.85 million for charity – The Motion Picture & Television Fund, to be particular. Whaaaat? Nice going, Hugh!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“This is probably the most narcissistic way to spend your birthday,” he said after the show. “I chose my favorite songs and told stories about my life.”

Backed by a 17-member orchestra, Jackman performed a variation of his recent Broadway show, with personal stories, a few film clips and selections from classic Hollywood musicals — including a tap-dancing routine during “Singin’ in the Rain.” He talked about his family, sang a tribute to his wife and shared music and images of his native Australia.

“A lot of guys would say to their wife, ‘Do you mind if I go play golf with my buddies?’ That’s how I am about the show,” he said. “I love it. If there’s a song I don’t like, I cut it and bring in a new song. Everything is something I want to do. So to be here tonight, supporting this cause — and it couldn’t have been a more generous crowd if it tried — in every way it was great.”

Jackman said he donated his birthday performance to the Motion Picture & Television Fund because it offers “that unconditional helping hand you get in a family.” The organization provides health care and other services to entertainment-industry workers and retirees.

Awesome! I mean, I could definitely think of better charities to spend that kinda money on, but let’s not argue over little stuff. Hugh Jackman did something awesome, so go him.

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