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Here’s the trailer for ‘Pan’

Pan 2015 poster

You can’t beat Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard – he looks insane and I love it. Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily is a bit of a weird casting choice, especially considering she’s a white actress playing a Native American character. Garrett Hedlund as Hook, well… whatever. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a sucker for special effects and kids’ stories, so I’ll watch this (i.e. torrent it when it’s out – I would never pay for this) even if it’s shit, which it probably will be. This is the movie Cara Delevingne is making her acting debut in, keep in mind.

Also, it’s kinda bizarre that they’re painting Peter Pan to be some wonderful hero – in the actual story, he was a sadistic freak who needed some serious therapy and locking up, most likely, but I guess this can be called “a twists” on the original?

Anyhow, here we go…

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  • Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily isn’t a “weird” casting choice, it’s a racist casting choice. Tiger Lily is a Native American character, and casting a white woman to play her is out of order. And yes, before anyone insists on making a stupid comment, it’s much worse than having a person of colour play a traditionally white character because this whitewashed casting happens all too often, whereas the change in the opposite position is rare. The Hunger Games’ main characters are ALL supposed to be Native Americans in the book, Michelle William’s character on Drive was supposed to be Latina, Johnny Depp is a white man who donned a headdress and played a Native American man, etc etc etc.

  • Nothing is as bad as the black Heimdall in Thor.
    But this or a black Human Torch in the new FF movie are totally fine while Rooney Mara as Tigerlily is racist? Yeah, no double-standards at all! And no, it does not happen more often.
    And casting a famous person instead of a not famous one is definitely racially motivated…sure.

    And Jennifer: Torrents? Really? This is not 2004.

    • Exactly. A black Torch or Heimdall aren’t racist but Tiger Lily is. I don’t understand why it is so difficult? Like I’m sure by now you understand how fucked up racial dynamics are. Nobody could be so oblivious, although maybe you’re just being fucking racist. Let’s put it this way so your racist ass can understand it: imagine 90% of big-budget films’ characters are blue people, and only 10% of characters are green. Now imagine even the green characters are being played by blue people with a coat of paint, and nobody has a problem with that, but as soon as a green person plays a blue character, it’s all bad and people get death threats on Twitter. Do you get it?