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Flashback: Kardashians Circa 2008

photo of kim kardashian kourtney khloe 2008 pictures
This photo was one of the first shoots that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe collaborated on, and it’s somewhere around five years old. While the girls look “pretty” and all, there’s one thing that I feel compelled to point out—these three chicks have some big-ass heads. They are some melons, aren’t they? It’s not even just the bouffant hair—it’s the whole damn dome, guys. The Kardashians have big heads, and while I’m not making fun of them (because I’ve been told that *I* have a big head), I’m definitely pointing out its evidence in this picture. Because it’s there. For sure.

Incidentally? In related Kim Kardashian news? She was voted Worst Dressed (along with Nicki Minaj) on the Huffington Post’s Worst Dressed Celebrities list, and gosh. Can we go ahead and credit Kanye for that? Because while she never really had the greatest fashion sense in the world, it’s definitely gone downhill since she started f-cking with Kanye West.

Congratulations on that, Kim. And Kanye—hats off to you, too, I guess, huh?

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  • Hmm… I really don’t see the big-head thing. Just big hair. And a way more natural-looking Kim. God, if I could take back what her surgeon did to that perfectly beautiful face..

  • I guess it’s better to have a big head, than a smaller than average one. Wouldn’t that be creepy? And then imagine having Lindsay Lohan’s small, claw hands!

  • As an artist, I’ve studied anatomy for decades. They do not have big heads. Looking at skull structure beneath the hair, I must say, you are mistaken.

    Now what they do have, as is plain for all to see, are big hips and asses. Noticeably at least 3 or more sizes up from the average for their figures. I happen to think they look VERY alluring here. Three really gorgeous, sexy sisters, built for anything and everything a man like me enjoys.

    Thank you and good day. Derek Fiseros.

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